Supplements with ZMA

ZMA is specific kind of supplement. It is necessary in nearly every step on your journey with trainings, because, it’s 3-elemental formulation. It contains magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, and that’s why there is no better formulation which counteract deficencies of most important minerals inside our organism. ZMA improve physical efficiency, as well as endurance at long-lasting aerobic trainings. Every of ZMA formulation ingredient is important at daily routine, at workout, and in post-workout regeneration.


-It takes part in proteins, carbohydrates and fats metabolism

-It condition proper muscles strength and efficiency

-It can speed up post-workout regeneration


-It supports HGH and testosterone secretion

-It counteracts muscle cramps

-It is needed for organism to product connective tissue

-It is responsible for CO2 transport

-It takes part in bone tissue creation

Vitamin B6

-It takes part in important processes inside muscles
-It is responsible for proper blood circulation, which is especially important at workout time, to maintain proper organism efficiency
-It regulates blood pressure
-It relieves muscles, and joints pain, in times of intesive trainings.

What is important, that you should supplement more vitamin B6, if you eat more proteins.

Olimp ZMA is supplement which contains condensed and very bioaviabiale blend of bioactive ingredients, which is supporting proper testosterone secretion, and sleep quality.


NOW Foods ZMA is supplement which is reinforcing immune system respond, and which improves overall life quality.



But, there’s more benefits of supplementing ZMA. You have to consider, that ZMA is awesome in terms of boosting regenerative processes (with that, it supports a sleep quality, and proper hormones secretion). It’s very important, because the saying “you gain muscles when you rest, not when you train” is actually pretty correct!

This, how our organism is boosted is very universal matter. Its nourished with minerals, which in results, supports our health and vitality, and finally is improving our training results.