Supplements used with creatine


Creatine as a separate preparation is a great supplement, but in combination with other products, it may contribute to achieving better results. Certainly, we cannot forget about proper diet and individual training plan. During creatine supplementation one should remember about the increased intake of proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. If a daily diet doesn’t provide all the necessary compounds, it is worth using the preparation Vita-min Plus, which will complement all deficiencies.

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Which additive to creatine should we choose?

Using sole creatine provides good results, but in combination with appropriate additives, we may increase anabolic effect even by a few times. The additive of carbohydrates will make creatine better absorbable. The pace of transport may also be increased by providing an appropriate dose of branched chain amino acids, i.e. BCAA. Their task is not only the improvement of creatine effect, but also providing building material to muscles. Another preparation which is worth attention is glutamine, which perfectly inhibits catabolism. In combination with the anabolic effect of creatine, it intensifies the desired effects. However, these are not all the supplements that may be used. Citrulline malate will not only constitute a great additive during using creatine, but it will also allow to maintain wonderful effects after ending supplementation. It happens, as the production of nitric oxide in the organism is increased. Thanks to this, the transport of all nutritious substances to cells becomes accelerated. Citrulline contributes to natural synthesis of creatine in the organism. Malic acid, on the other hand, increases energy supplies in the organism. In order to make your supplementation complex, you may also be tempted to use arginine, which is an ideal complementation and increases the effect of citrulline malate.

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Don’t forget about diet

If your diet doesn’t provide proper amounts of nutrients, supplementation may not bring expected results. In such a case, it is worth using additional supplements, such as gainers or proteins with high amounts of well-assimilable proteins.