Supplements on brittle nails

Undoubtedly, the external appearance remains a very important element of our everyday life, because it is he who is the main determinant of the level of attractiveness and self-confidence. It can even be said that what we look like very clearly shapes our personality, character and approach to many everyday matters. A special sphere of femininity turns out to be nails, which are noticed by other women as well as by the overwhelming number of men. This space is definitely a complementary and important for the representatives of the fair sex.

Very often, we do not realize that the condition of nails is influenced by factors such as: nutrition, lifestyle, addictions and various types of cosmetic treatments. We should remember that a diet deficient in basic nutrients, but rich in toxins, too little sleep, stress, anxiety, diseases and various treatments have a destructive effect on their structure and endurance. At the moment when our nails become a very visible problem, they are brittle, thin and also susceptible to infections (eg in the form of discolorations or fungal changes) – we start to seek help for them.

An excellent form of help are definitely nail supplements, because they are the building material for nourishing the body and protect its processes, both from the inside and outside. What preparations are worth attention to?


Biotin is a B vitamin, essential in creating strong tissue mechanisms and processes strengthening all systems of the human body. In the case of providing the right amount of nutrients, the structure of our nails is equipped with all necessary amino acids and vitamins and thanks to this it can create inseparable and properly coordinated growth processes. Biotin protects the nails from the symptoms of brittleness, and also prevents the phenomenon of plate degradation.


Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is undoubtedly a rich source of silica (silicon compounds), which is particularly responsible for the condition of the nails. First of all, this component prevents the keratosis of the plaque and stabilizes sufficient epithelial elasticity. Thanks to field horsetail we therefore have healthy, strong and well-equipped nails. A similar action is also characteristic of nettle, which is incredibly rich in various types of vitamin compounds, e.g. it is a natural source of vitamins C, K, and also vitamins from group B. In addition, it also contains minerals and bioflavonoids that will strengthen our hair, skin, and above all, nails.


Hyaluronic acid is involved in almost all integration processes that affect the connective tissue and cartilage. Thanks to this action, the changes taking place in these areas are of character, not only binding, but also nourishing. The action of this acid allows to avoid intra-oral cavities, thanks to which they become much stronger and more resistant, which makes the tissue fluid flows smoothly and the cells of these tissues are fully nourished and oxygenated.

We should also remember that supplementation is not invasive in any way, it means that it can be used with other drugs, and does not threaten our lives and health – on the contrary. By the way, let’s not forget about consuming the right amount of fluids every day, because our body in as much as 70% consists of water. The level of hydration significantly affects the condition of our nails. Supplementation should also include compounds such as: iron, zinc, magnesium, chlorine, because they form the strong foundation of the body and condition the structure of its individual organs.