Supplements for women

Many supplements are being created both with women and men in mind, however, there are certain preparations, which are addressed only to women. Among them, there are vitamin-mineral complexes. These are the products which contain all the necessary micro and macroelements, however, the majority is constituted by the vitamins andDong Quai 520mg minerals, which women need most. To women, who are interested in supplementations we recommend, for example, EVE by Now Foods. For pregnant women, there are special supplements that include special needs of a mother-to-be. For example, the supplement Vita-Min Plus Mama by Olimp is especially worth attention, which has gained recommendation of the Polish Gynecological Association and a positive opinion of the Mother and Child Institute. Among the supplements for women, there are also preparations mitigating the symptoms of menopause, for example Dong Quai by now foods..

Women who are interested in eliminating excessive fatty tissue may be recommended some preparations supporting weight loss. In controlling appetite supplements with chitosan may help, for example HCA Chitosan by Scitec Nutrition. With the aim of facilitating the work of the digestive tract, on the other hand, supplements with dietary fiber may be used.

Women who lead active lifestyle may also reach for dietary supplements to take care about their endurance during intensive training sessions. In such a situation, among others branched chain amino acids may be used, e.g. BCAA Xtra by Activlab or BCAA by XXL Nutrition.