Supplements for women

Many dietary supplements are created for both women and men, but there are preparations that are specifically designed for women. Among them are mainly complexes of vitamins and minerals. These are products containing all the micro and macro elements needed by humans, however, most of the composition are those vitamins and minerals that women in particular need.

Ladies who are interested in supplementation can be recommended, for example, the Daily Vits from Now Foods. For pregnant women, special supplements have been developed that take into account the special needs of the future mother. Noteworthy, for example, is the supplement Preg-Natal from Jarrow Formulas which has been recommended by Gynecological Society and the positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child. Among the dietary supplements for women there are also preparations to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, for example Menopauzin Olimp.

Women who are interested in eliminating excessive body fat can also be recommended slimming aids. In controlling your appetite will help, among other things, supplements with chitosan, for example HCA Chitosan from the company Scitec Nutrition. However, fiber supplements can be used to improve the digestive system.

Dietary supplements can also be obtained by women who lead an active lifestyle, who would like to take care of their endurance during intense workouts. In this situation, branched-chain amino acids can be used, for example, Activlab BCAA Xtra.