Supplements for weight loss? The best supplements for losing weight

It is obvious that the basis and main assumption of losing weight is to achieve a negative energy balance through diet and exercise, or just simply eating less than your body actually needs. Once we ensure this state, we can start considering the introduction of dietary ingredients or supplements, whose action is to result in accelerated weight loss and which will complement (but never replace) the classic low-energy diet.


The best-researched compound in terms of accelerating weight loss is L-carnitine. It is a substance that is responsible for transporting fatty acids to the body’s cellular power plants – mitochondria. Although L-carnitine is produced during metabolism in sufficient quantities, providing it in the form of supplements can increase the potential of fatty acid usage, resulting in accelerated fat burning. However, for L-carnitine supplementation to be effective, it must be combined with physical activity, preferably aerobic exercise.


Caffeine, the most popular stimulant in the world, not only reduces fatigue and adds energy but also speeds up metabolism by up to several percent. Products containing caffeine increase the rate of fat reduction. You should be careful when using caffeine not to exceed the acceptable daily dosage and watch your body’s reactions because each person reacts differently to this substance.


A frequent ingredient in supplements accelerating weight loss is the amino acid L-tyrosine, which is a precursor of hormones important for metabolism, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and thyroxine. Its proper level in the body is necessary for optimal metabolism and the effective actions of other substances accelerating metabolism.

Natural extracts

There are also a number of plant-derived substances which are often used in single-ingredient supplements or in various blend contained in so-called “fat burners” designed to maximize metabolic rate. Such substances include e.g. synephrine, a compound derived from orange, whose chemical structure is similar to adrenaline, piperine from black pepper, which increases thermogenesis (increases heat release). We can also find capsaicin from hot species of peppers and various strong antioxidants from green tea (EGCG), dark grapes (resveratrol), or turmeric (curcumin). Alone, the effects of these individual compounds are not very strong (they increase metabolism by about 1%), so it pays out to combine them to maximize the effect.


When using supplements accelerating slimming, remember to follow the doses set by manufacturers and the fact that without a properly balanced diet, their use will not be effective because it is impossible to accelerate metabolism in such a way as to compensate for the excess calorie intake.