Supplements for water retention


Many people, especially women, deal with water retention in the organism. It often takes place in the middle of menstrual cycle or before menstruation, but if we see that we constantly feel swollen and bloated, this is the sign that we retain water in the organism.


What are the symptoms of water retention?

-putting on weight despite proper diet

-larger sizes, especially in the belly

-water cellulite

-the feeling of heaviness, even after a small meal

-swollen fingers, difficulties taking off jewelry

-round face

What are the causes of water retention in the organism?

Water retention may be caused by many factors. It is often the case that this problem is caused by using contraception, drinking too little water, taking some drugs, disturbed metabolism.


There are some supplements, which help to get rid of this troublesome problem. The majority of them is fully natural.


Which supplements to choose?

Green tea

Green tea primarily influences the elimination of free radicals from the organism. It contains a lot of chlorogenic acid. It is a substance which supports detoxification of the organism from redundant metabolites. They also regulate water balance. It has diuretic effect, thanks to which we decrease the excess of water in the organism. It also decreases the feeling of hunger and improves digestive processes.



Fiber is associated with digestion improvement, but it also influences our water balance. Thanks to fiber, we digest faster and get rid of troublesome bloating. Fiber also improves the work of kidneys, thanks to which they faster get rid of the excess of water from the organism. This component may be also provided to the organism along with wholegrain bread, pasta, groats or vegetables. Thanks to fiber, we are faster satiated and we do not snack between meals. It helps to get rid of intestinal deposits, which also allows to faster get rid of water from the organism.



It is a plant, which primarily helps to digest food and influences better metabolism. It is used to treat diseases of the urinary system. It has diuretic effect, thanks to which we decrease the amount of water retained in the organism. It helps in water retention, but is also removes toxic substances from the organism, including uric acid deposits. It is also used in the treatment of arthritism.


Supplementation with nettle is recommended to people who suffer from diarrheas and gastroenteritis. It helps during the infections, regulating the amount of antibodies produced in the organism. Similarly to iron, it has blood-forming effect and it is helpful in the treatment of anemia. It also increases the amounts of mineral ingredients in our organism.