Supplements for the eyesight

Vision is one of the most important senses in a human being, because it allows you to make observations every day, to explore the beauty surrounding the world and to feel safe. Usually, however, we forget about the importance of caring for the eyes. We expose them to many harmful factors, such as sun radiation or day-long watching the TV, computer or telephone screen. In addition, with age or as a result of genetic predisposition, various types of vision problems may appear.

Every day, our vision may deteriorate, and sometimes more dangerous diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma, may affect us. Therefore, it is necessary to care for eyes so that they will work for many years. Care for the eye can be manifested in limiting the use of electronic devices, but also in a properly balanced diet, rich in nutrients that support eye health. Therefore, one should take care of the proper supply of proteins, sugars and fats as well as the presence of vitamins and minerals. So it is worth to reach for fruit and vegetables. Nevertheless, the food itself will not always bring the expected results. It is necessary to include supplements in your diet that will support our eyes and improve general health.

Supplements for improving eyesight – what to take?

Supplements are an extremely recommended element of a healthy lifestyle. This is mainly due to the composition – the best is naturally one hundred percent natural. This will provide the preparations with high absorbency, and at the same time will not burden the internal organs. After dietary supplements can be reached basically at any age and regardless of your health. What are the preparations worth reaching for, to support our eyes in their daily work?


Lutein - chemical formula
Lutein – chemical formula

One of the most popular dietary supplements for eyesight is lutein. It has, inter alia, protective properties, because it is a kind of barrier for ultraviolet radiation, and therefore also for solar. In this way, it inhibits free radicals that destroy cells and accelerate the aging process – both external and internal, i.e. cellular. Zeaxanthin has similar efficacy, based on the same properties as lutein. In addition, in preparations of this type we should also look for ingredients such as vitamin A and taurine, which will help convert vitamin A into retinol – an ingredient necessary for healthy eyes.

Vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids

What else is worth using if we want to keep our eyes healthy? Among other things, beta carotene, vitamin C and E, zinc and copper. In addition, it is good to reach for DHA and EPA. With this type of combination of ingredients you can significantly improve visual acuity and protect your eyes from UV radiation.


It's always worth reaching for natural remedies!
It’s always worth reaching for natural remedies!

Ginseng extracts are also recommended. It increases the inflow of blood to the eyeball and thus reduces the risk of macular degeneration. Supplements in this category may also contain curcumin, which regulates the blood flow within the retina.

How to take care about your vision – summary

Taking care of eyes is very important, and at the same time it does not require too much effort on our part. It is just worth paying attention to what we consume and whether we provide ourselves with all the ingredients that the body needs, including the organ of sight. The use of dietary supplements can protect us against many diseases and even undo some problems. In addition, adherence to the principles of occupational hygiene, avoiding hours of looking at the screen and taking breaks for relaxation of the vision organ will intensify the effects.