Supplements for students

We need a lot of energy during studying. Most often, our brain needs then additional support. During studying we need to solve difficult problems and there is also stress, which is related to the upcoming exams and we feel pressure which makes it impossible for us to focus. Additionally, due to the smaller amount of sleep and large psychological burden, we sleep less, thanks to which our brain has not time to recover. Sleep is primarily needed for rest, therefore its lack may lead to extreme exhaustion, dizziness and lack of concentration. For this reason, we should take care of applying food supplements, which will support concentration, influence better memory and also provide the organism with energy, which is undoubtedly necessary during studying.


Supplements supporting studying – what to use?


Dietary supplements for people who study should not only facilitate thinking and increase metabolism, but they should also improve recovery processes and fight sleeplessness. An ideal solution is using supplements which will allow to increase our mental efficiency and improve concentration.

Supplements for students contain primarily a lot of minerals. They support the work of the whole organism, not only the brain. Vitamins increase resistance to stress, primarily vitamin D and ascorbic acid, which also influence the work of the immune system. It is highly disturbed when stress occurs in our life.

In the composition of a good supplement there also should be i.a. choline alphoscerate. It is a compound which provides choline to the central nervous system. It is completely soluble in water. This vitamin is used as a nootropic drug, which accelerates metabolism, thanks to which mental processes are activated, including memorization. This compound is taken as a medicine in memory disorders, e.g. in people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Small doses of this compound in young people increases cognitive abilities and accelerates memorization. It is easily transported to the brain, where it accelerates the work of neurotransmitters. This incredibly important ingredient may be found i.a. in the supplement Alpha GPC.


Choline alphoscerate is a substrate, which takes part in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine in sphingomyelin. Sphingomyelin is fat that builds our brain tissue, therefore it its necessary amount is so important. Both these phospholipids build our cell membranes and are essential for the proper activity of the nervous system. Alpha GPC helps them to build in neurons, which decreases aging processes of the brain. It may be said that thanks to them our brain is naturally rejuvenated.

Another important product, which influences the improvement of thinking processes and proper concentration is Ginkgo biloba. It has antioxidant effect, thanks to which damages occurred during aging processes are decreased. It also helps in the elimination of proteins, which are stored in the brains of people with the Alzheimer’s diseases.

Lecithin is a well-known ingredient of many supplements supporting the work of the brain. It improves concentration, but decreases the state of nervous tension, which slows down thinking processes and increases the level of stress. As we know, the level of stress considerably increases fatigue, which again is reflected in the process of getting enough sleep.

Alpha GPC considerably supports the sympathetic system, thanks to which it has a relaxing effect. It decreases tension, relaxes and thanks to this it accelerates recovery and supports healthy and deep sleep, which for people who study is an incredibly important issue. The supplement containing Alpha GPC should be best used immediately before sleep of right before rest.