Supplements for strong nails

Nails are undoubtedly a very important sphere for every woman, because they build a sense of self-worth, self-confidence and attractiveness. They also remain a very important part of the body due to its structure – it is because they are most often paid attention, eg during a job interview or a date, and it is their help to define a woman, her level of care for her own body and even hygiene. Nevertheless, the shortage of minerals and vitamins in the daily diet, the lack of adequate supplementation, make us feel definitely unfavorable and uncomfortable changes occurring both in the external appearance and in the internal condition of the nails. Under the influence of the above-mentioned consequences, the plate becomes dry, dull, brittle, brittle, gets delaminated, is much more susceptible to diseases and viruses (eg fungal infection). Bands and white spots can also appear on it, signaling the process of internal destruction. The recipe for healthy and beautiful nails is therefore vitamin and mineral supplementation, which protects them from hazards, and strengthens and toughenes the future.

Vitamins and minerals
The basic vitamins and minerals that save, and strengthen and nourish our nails are: iron, B vitamins, calcium, vitamin A, biotin, silicon, folic acid, zinc and magnesium, and we can not forget about unsaturated fatty acids.

Particular attention should be paid to calcium, because its deficiency causes that the nails are fragile, brittle, they break and delaminate. The same applies to iron, which remains essential and even fundamental to a healthy and strong plate. Iron, among other things, hardens the overall structure of the nail, prevents breaking, delamination and fungal diseases and inflammation.

Vitamins from group B, in turn, are an excellent and immediate solution for healthy, strong and beautiful nails. The particularly beneficial elements are equipped with: vitamin B1, B2, B6, which protect the process of nail growth from the inside, while ensuring that it does not attack any microorganisms, viruses and bacteria, and that the process of formation, structuring and quality of the nail plate – proceeded seamlessly.

Magnesium, silicon and zinc – these are the elements without which the nail plate splits and keratizes. In the case of a shortage of these nutrients, various types of inflammation and mycosis occur very often. Their action is stimulating and nourishing against the structure of the nail, and what’s more, the growth of the plaque proceeds much more intensively.

In the case of supplementation intended for nails, it is worth starting a herbal treatment and one that is rich in the most concentrated doses of magnesium, silicon and zinc – a good solution will be to eat horsetail, eg in the form of capsules or in the form of herbal tea.

 Zinc, which is often forgotten in the context of healthy nails, remains the cause of white spots on the plate in the event of a shortage.