Supplements for stress

Stress has negative influence on the human’s health and it inhibits everyday functioning. For this reason, people who are especially prone to stress should use proper dietary supplements.


At the beginning, you should take care of a proper dose of magnesium. Magnesium is an element, which is especially important for the nervous system of a human being. The recommended daily intake of this element for adults ranges from 310 to 420 mg. Improperly balanced diet, environmental pollution and the intake of products depleting magnesium are the main causes of deficiencies of this mineral. The best effects are noticed by applying magnesium with vitamin B6, which facilitates its assimilation, e.g. Magnesium Malate by Apollo’s Hegemony.


Herbal supplements which contain hop cones, melissa extract or valerian also help in reducing stress. Their regular application calms down, limits anxiety and decreases sleep problems. A plant that is very important for mental condition of humans is also ginseng, which improves mood and increases motivation to act.

Using supplements with GABA also provides very good effects. It is an amino acid, produced in the brain, which decreases anxiety and stress. Similarly to the absorption of magnesium, the production of GABA is a process which requires the presence of vitamin B6. Therefore, it is worth choosing supplements, which contain this vitamin.


It is also worth taking into account that proper functioning of the nervous system is influenced by healthy fatty acids. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide the organism with a proper dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. People who intensively practice sports require more of them, therefore it is worth applying the supplementation with such preparations as Gold Omega-3 Sport Edition by Olimp.