Supplements for stress – how to calm yourself?

Stress and nerves are not allies of health. They accompany us on a daily basis, and often we do not even realize it, because we are so used to them. However, in exceptional situations in which our “to be or not to be” is often weighed, the nerves reach their zenith and we are not able to function normally. We shake, we stop thinking logically, we do not want to eat, and even we become aggressive. It also happens that the life situation goes in a completely unexpected direction, which gives us sadness, fear and remorse, which we can not tame at all. Certainly, each of us is able to recall a situation in his mind when he could not calm down. Dealing with the nerves is not easy, it is difficult to master any relaxing techniques, especially if what’s going beyond our expectations. Then, the only right and effective solution is to reach for calming supplements.

Supplements or drugs?

At the beginning it is worth explaining why we should reach for a supplement, not a medicine that will soothe our nerves. First of all, because supplements have natural properties that positively affect the body, thus not disturbing its work. Substances contained in medicines can cause that our body “breathe” itself to deal with stress. In addition, drugs are more likely to bumble, their effect is short-lived, and they can not be used too often, because it is very easy to overdose or to get addicted. Therefore, all specialists recommend taking natural preparations, which, on the one hand, calming down, and on the other, stimulate the body to fight the nerves.

Calming supplements – which ones are best?


Chamomile - not only the beautiful flower, but also very beneficial natural supplement!
Chamomile – not only the beautiful flower, but also very beneficial natural supplement!

The most popular preparation for calming is chamomile. It soothes the nerves and improves our well-being. After drinking it, we feel relaxed and relaxed, so it is worth reaching for it when we are too excited. It works so as a sleeping remedy, because it helps to fall asleep when relaxing. Studies have shown that chamomile can eliminate some of the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, and thus reduces the risk of panic attacks. The extract from the flowers of narrow-leaved lavender has a similar effect. They contain linalool, a substance that has a debilitating effect on the functions of the central nervous system. The smell of this plant alone soothes the senses and allows you to calm down.

Rhodiola Rosea

Soothing supplements also usually contain Rhodiola Rosea extract. It has a positive effect on controlling emotions, including nerves, and also increases resistance to stress. Thanks to this, it is easier to find yourself in difficult situations and get rid of feelings of anxiety. In addition, the mountain rosary allows for better use of the mind’s capabilities, including in stressful situations, which makes it easier to make decisions and solve problems. It is not possible to forget about the herb of yarrow or peppermint on this list, which, on the one hand, calms down the body, and on the other does not cause any haziness or a feeling of drowsiness. A popular preparation for calming is the herbal angelica root supplement. It contains coumarins, which reduce the sensitivity of the cerebral cortex, which reduces the nervous tension.


The most well-known herb used in calming supplements is, of course, the valerian. It is present in tablets or drops, but it can also be used in the form of infusion. Colloquially the valerian extract is called valerian, which – which most will certainly agree with – is unmatched when it comes to silencing and relaxing properties. It is by far the most frequently chosen sedative preparation available without a prescription. Valerian is also helpful in states of emotional arousal, anxiety or neuroses, and also eliminates sleep problems.


Try to use Melissa infusion just before the sleep, to sleep better!
Try to use Melissa infusion just before the sleep, to sleep better!

A similar position on the issue of popularity is taken by melissa preparations. They reduce nervous tension and anxiety. They are also effective in the case of anxiety or neuroses of the heart. The use of the melissa supplement restores the emotional balance and creates a positive, calm mood. It is worth reaching for it, inter alia, at bedtime, because it perfectly calms down and makes it easier to fall asleep.


Hops shouldn't be only recognized with beer. They can be very helpful in improving your sleep quality.
Hops shouldn’t be only recognized with beer. They can be very helpful in improving your sleep quality.

Few people are probably aware of this, but hops are also a great calming agent. Although we associate this plant mainly with beer, it is also included in dietary supplements. Substances present in hops – including, inter alia, lupulin – soothe the central nervous system and reduce hyperactivity, and help to get rid of problems with falling asleep.

Vitamins, minerals and theanine!

In addition to herbal preparations, many minerals also act on the nerves. Above all, it is worth mentioning magnesium, the deficiency of which may reduce resistance to stress and sleep problems and irritability. It is worth adding vitamin B6, which increases the absorption of magnesium and affects its better use. The L-theanine, which increases the emission of waves in the brain and thus relaxes while maintaining the concentration at the right level, and thus not the clutter, will be very effective.