Supplements for steroids

Anabolic steroids are used by many athletes because they help in building muscle mass and lead to increased strength and endurance. When deciding on taking steroids, it is worth paying attention to dietary supplements that can help them work.

When taking steroids, protein and carbohydrate nutrients play a very important role. It is possible to use one supplement, containing proteins and carbohydrates, as well as two different nutrients. Among the former, there are gainers and bulbs. Gainers can be recommended primarily to people with a faster metabolism, while bulbs will work for people who tend to accumulate excessive fat. Gainers can be divided in terms of the content of proteins and carbohydrates, while in bulks their ratio is 1: 1. People who decide to take carbohydrates and proteins separately can recommend such products as Carbo Nox from Olimp

And Whey 100, which is produced by Trec Nutrition.

The first supplement is a carbohydrate, which contains carefully selected forms of carbohydrates, while the second is a protein supplement from the innovative Trec whey-related series.

When using steroids it is also recommended to take supplements with taurine, an amino acid that allows longer and more intense workouts, and at the same time counteracts catabolism. The recommended preparation is Taurine from Primaforce.

When taking steroids, you can not forget about these supplements, which should be used by all athletes. Vitamins and minerals, as well as healthy fatty acids, play a very important role.