Supplements for people with autism

Autism is a disorder of the development and functioning of the central nervous system. The main symptoms that appear in early childhood are problems with expressing feelings and building interpersonal relations. This diseases may be described as disconnecting from the external world, a kind of isolation. Moreover, there appears hypersensitivity to various stimuli, which may cause that the external world is perceived as one big chaos. There are more and more people with autism in the World, which may be caused by the increase of population and more frequent tests, as a result of which we find out about such disorders. People with such problems should take various dietary supplements, which to a large extent will influence the behavior and feelings.


Diet has important influence on the organism’s functioning, especially such a disordered organism. Autistic people are recommended gluten-free, casein-free and sugar-free diets. There are often disorders related to the digestion of casein or gluten and their improper absorption may negatively influence the nervous system. Therefore, it best to exclude them from a diet and introduce as much as possible healthy and unprocessed food products. Moreover, it is worth reaching for various vitamins and minerals, which will allow to slightly alleviate the symptoms of the disease, which will have positive influence on the autistic person.

A basic supplement that a diet of an autistic person should contain is the preparation containing B-group vitamins. They provide methyl groups, which are necessary for the so-called DNA methylation, which influences gene expression. In this way, vitamin B will allow to reduce autistic behavior. Moreover, preparations containing B-group vitamins are effective in the fight with allergies and kidney problems. Vitamin B6 is especially worth attention, as it brings great results for speech and contact with the surrounding environment.



The ingredient that is definitely important for people with autism is L-Theanine. It has sedative effects and increases the level of dopamine. We cannot forget about magnesium, which positively influences mood, takes care of appetite, proper muscle tension and ensures good sleep. Apart from this, it decreases the so-called tics. Melatonin is also essential, as its level in people with autism is not produced in sufficient amounts, due to which sleep problems occur. GABA, on the other hand, as the main neurotransmitter in the brain is recommended to decrease improper communication behaviors, shown as isolation. It is worth mentioning underrated chromium, which regulates the level of sugar in blood. Sugar fluctuations may be the cause of anger and hysteria attacks.


One should remember that autistic people often suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which may only escalate disorders. Therefore, they should be supplemented, but it is best to reach for natural vitamin preparations, which are best-assimilable, which results in more visible results. Autistic people often suffer from deficiencies of the following elements: selenium, vitamin C and vitamin D.