Supplements for menopause

Menopause, otherwise known as climacteric or the change of life, is a stage in a woman’s life that follows the so-called procreation period. This usually takes place between 45 and 55 years of age and usually lasts up to two years. Then the menstrual cycle is stopped, which is caused by the change in the level of estrogens and progesterone. Fertility is lost during menopause. The period of menopause is very problematic and it is difficult not to notice it, also from the perspective of third parties, as behavior may change as well.


Menopause can be a difficult time for a woman. Then there are a lot of troublesome ailments that impede everyday functioning. Few women know that you can deal with most of these symptoms in the way that will allow you to survive the hardest moments and to return to a normal life. That includes, among others, the right lifestyle, proper diet and supplements. This is especially important because during the climacteric period the need for some nutrients changes.


Supplements for menopause


Most often, there are sudden hot flushes, which are caused by the decreasing level of estrogen, which disrupts the part of the brain that regulates body temperature. The body tries to cool itself down, hence alternating hot and cold flashes occur. Certainly for many women it is the most disturbing symptom of menopause, which primarily affects their well-being. However, there are ways that can help you cope with these symptoms too. It’s good to drink a lot of water, while among the dietary supplements, those with primrose, chamomile, blackcurrant oil, fennel, valerian or liquorice are recommended.


Another symptom of menopause is the variability of moods and problems with concentration and memory. This is the effect of decreased level of estrogen, because then the brain slows down the information processing. We even forget about very obvious things. Here, dietary supplements with plants called ginko biloba and with black cohosh come with help. The latter plant has properties similar to estrogen, which is why it has a soothing effect on menopausal symptoms. It is also worth choosing preparations that contain red clover, because it has phytoestrogens. In case of mood swings, sedative and silencing preparations as well as those alleviating the effects of stress can be used.


During the menopause, dietary supplements which are rich in nutrients and, above all, in micronutrients should be regularly used. It is about valuable vitamins and minerals. They have an excellent effect not only on our health and immunity, but also have a positive effect on well-being and prevent cells destruction. You should reach for all antioxidants, including vitamin A and vitamin E. This is important because menopause is associated with the aging of cells, so take care of them and protect them. In this way, we will also affect the condition of skin and hair, which deteriorates during menopause. We should not forget about folic acid, so important to maintain a balance in the body and vitamin C, which has a number of important benefits, among others, for immunity. You should also take care of the right amount of eaten minerals, because during menopause, a woman is exposed to osteoporosis, which is a weakening of bones. That is why calcium and vitamin D3 supplementation is recommended, which affects the absorption of the mentioned calcium. Moreover, dietary supplements for women during menopause should include isoflavones, omega-3 acids, B vitamins and iron.


Dietary supplements for menopause are primarily designed to positively affect well-being. Furthermore, they alleviate the symptoms associated with regulating body temperature. They supplement the diet with all necessary micronutrients, which are the basis of health and the proper functioning of the body. Their use significantly improves the quality of life during this difficult time and thanks to this it is possible to return to everyday duties.