Supplements for endomorphs

Endomorphic body type is characterized by easy fat storage and frequent gain of adipose tissue instead of muscle tissue… It is not a dream for anybody, therefore when you are an endomorph, you need to exclude some products from your diet.


Gainers based on carbohydrateswith high glycemic index is not the best way to build muscle mass for an endomorph. When it comes to complementing deficiencies in a diet, it is worth looking for good-quality products. Protein supplement would be a good choice, especially one of the best High Whey Isolate Premium. This product is an ideal tool to create optimal growth conditions in the organism. Remember also that proteins play regulatory roles, building a range of hormones and enzymes. They support the work of the immune system more effectively detecting a danger and eliminating it.


During building muscle mass, we may also take care of increased thermogenesis, facilitating lipolysis of fats. Thermogenesis is a set of physiological and metabolicprocesses, the aim of which is heat production. Rocket Fuel Blue Edition intensifies thermogenesis, delicately increasing body temperature, thanks to which calories are fully utilized for energy processes of the organism. In other words: in adds energy and eliminates fatty tissue, contributing to building only lean muscle mass.

During weight gain or loss, it is worth getting interested also in L-carnitine – the best transporter of fatty acids. Supplementation with L-carnitine is especially recommended in case of practicing long-lasting physical effort. L-Carnitine + Green Tea improves utilization of fatas energy source during burdening training and allows to increase its duration. Moreover, the preparation is especially recommended to people who have problems with maintaining proper body mass and those who practice intensive physical effort.


Despite many issues that an endomorph needs to look out for, there are also some tools, which help to ensure proper physical and mental comfort. One of such products is Kraken. It is very complex, contains compounds supporting recovery, accelerating anabolism and inhibiting catabolism. It adds energy, increases the production of nitric oxide, ensures proper work of muscles, helps to increase muscle strength and influences endurance. Thanks to this, it is suitable to use in the period of increased physical activity.