Supplements for elderly people

People of advanced age need to take special care about their health, as they are prone to deficiencies of vitamins and minerals more than younger groups. For this reason, special supplements for seniors have been designed, containing vitamins and mineral ingredients adjusted to their needs.

B Complex Plus

Elderly people are recommended supplementation, among others, with B-group vitamins, which stimulate metabolism, influence the work of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and also are essential for the production of red cells. A very important role is also played by vitamin D. Its deficiency may lead to osteoporosis, due to inhibited calcium assimilation. Moreover, seniors are often recommended applying vitamin C, which slows down aging processes of cells and prevents the development of atherosclerosis and cancers. Seniors also need a proper dose of minerals, for example zinc, the deficiency of which contributes to lack of immunity and problems with concentration. A considerable role is also attributed to calcium and magnesium. The former strengthens bones and teeth, while the latter influences the functioning of the nervous system.

Vita-Min Plus Senior

Vitamins and minerals may be applied separately, however, a better solution is to use special supplements for seniors, which contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals that an elderly person needs. It is worth reaching for, e.g. Vita-Min Senior Plus by Olimp. It is a multi-ingredient dietary supplement, which apart from vitamins and minerals also contains Korean ginseng, which increases energy and vitality.