Supplements for ectomorphs

Ectomorph is a person with slim silhouette, who is characterized by faster metabolism, resulting from thyroid work. Ectomorphs have problems with gaining weight and building muscle mass. For this reason, they need carefully selected dietary supplements.

In building muscle mass, ectomorphs are aided primarily by gainers, i.e. carbohydrate-protein supplements. They Jumbo Professionalare effective preparations, which support anabolic processes, which in turn lead to muscle mass growth. Especially recommended preparations are  Complex Carb Gainer by XXL Nutrition and Jumbo Professional, the producer of which is Scitec.

Among dietary supplements used by ectomorphs there are also carbo preparations. They are the mixtures of carbohydrates with various times of assimilability, which quickly complement energy losses, taking place during intensive effort. Among the products in this category, there is among others CarboMax Energy Power by Activlab.


Another group of supplements important for ectomorphs are amino acids BCAA. Branched chain amino acids support building muscle mass and simultaneously accelerate the course of regeneration processes and improve general endurance of the organism. In supplementation one may use among others the preparation by Activlab – BCAA 1000 XXL and BCAA Powder by XXL Nutrition.


Ectomorphs are also recommended creatine. Creatine supplements support building lean muscle mass and increase endurance. High effectiveness is demonstrated both by creatine stacks, such as Mesomrph by APS and supplements containing only one form of creatine, for example Tri Creatine Malate, i.e. the preparation by Hi Tec Nutrition with creatine malate.