Supplements for drivers – what should you have in your glove compartment?

The driver’s profession is not easy. Sitting for many hours without the possibility to even slightly change the position negatively influences joints, the skeletal system, the circulatory system and the digestive system. Drivers need to maintain constant, high level of concentration during long, often monotonous travels. During driving, it is hard to plan and keep regular hours of meals. The diet of drivers is also often not associated with something very healthy. They often eat in a rush, in roadside bars, which offer fat meals with a lot of carbohydrates and at the same time they are poor in vitamins and nutrients. A common problem of drivers is also dehydration. Drinking the recommended 2 liters of water a day for the majority of drivers is only a dream and coffee, very popular in this profession, only deteriorated the situation. The so-called icing on the cake is the problem of getting enough sleep. During a few or a few dozen day routes, truck drivers sleep in the cab. The bed is narrow, so it doesn’t provide comfort that would enable complete regeneration after many hours’ drive and preparation for another day behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are many preparations, which may help the drivers to take care of health.

Support of healthy sleep

The basis of good concentration, ensuring safety on the road is proper sleep, which is hard to achieve for drivers. It is easy to imagine the quality of rest in the tiny cab on the roadside parking. In such conditions, the sleep is shallower and its phases are less regular. Supplementation with melatonin in this scope will be helpful, which regulates daily cycle of sleep and wakefulness, facilitates falling asleep and doesn’t cause sleepiness during the day.

Eyesight is the basis 

Eyesight is one of the most important organs for drivers. During driving, eyes are prone to extreme effort, not only due to the necessity to constantly observe an extensive field, but also because they are prone to harmful stimuli, such as sun or the lights of other cars during the night. In order to take care of the state of the eyes, professional drivers should reach for lutein, which constitutes a natural filter protecting the eye from the activity of ultraviolet radiation.


Instead of coffee 

Another preparation which should land in the glove compartment of each professional driver is the product, in the composition of which there are vitamins and minerals improving concentration, enriched in stimulating substances. Supplements not only improve sleep quality, but they also will allow to limit coffee intake, which causes dehydration and weakens the organism, depriving it of important minerals (primarily magnesium). What should drivers look for? Vitamin products enriched in guarana (which thanks to the presence of caffeine has a stimulating effect) and the supplements with the increased content of vitamin E and C, increasing metabolic efficiency. They should also make sure that the supplement drivers decide to choose contains a lot of zinc, selenium and magnesium.


It should be borne in mind that no supplementation can replace healthy and precious sleep and a balanced diet. However, these aspects are often luxurious in this profession. Luckily, properly selected supplements will allow to minimize the negative effects of work and maintaining good health of the driver.