Supplements for diabetics

People suffering from diabetes need to follow appropriate dietary rules in order to maintain proper glucose concentration in blood. In case of more serious problems, it is necessary to apply pharmaceuticals, however, sometimes good dietary supplements are enough.

Among natural products regulating sugar level in the organism there is Pau d’Arco. This herb comes from South America and is known for numerous pro-health properties. It effectively decreases sugar level in blood and simultaneously supports digestion, fights parasites and has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. With the aim of lowering sugar level in blood also ginseng is used. This plant allows to boost energy, increases resistance to stress and improves immunity.


Moreover, the diet of diabetics should never be lacking in chromium. It is an element responsible for cell sensitivity to the activity of insulin. At the same time, it limits appetite for certain food products, among others sweets. For this reason, people with diabetes are sometimes recommended chromium supplementation. Doctors also advise applying a high-fiber diet, as dietary fiber slows down carbohydrate transformations, facilitating at the same time maintaining proper sugar level in blood. Additionally, it influences decreasing the level of hormones, which constitutes one of the factors responsible for insulin production. Therefore, a good solution is including fiber to your diet, for example in the form of  Dietary Fibre Apple by Trec Nutrition.

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