Supplements for concentrations

Dietary supplements help us in many areas of life. They increase immunity, regeneratively affect our body or protect against specific organs. In the case of distractions and memory problems, you can also help with supplements.
There are a lot of products, defined by brain booster, which improve cognitive processes and concentrations.

Apollos Hegemony Brain Fuel V2 is a dietary supplement containing pure sunifiram and coluracetam. Those two increases the concentration of acetylcholine in synaptic spaces in the central and peripheral nervous system, thus demonstrating a parasympathomimetic effect, enhancing cholinergic transmission and indirectly activating muscarinic receptors, while directly and indirectly nicotinic receptors. In addition, it increases the sensitivity of receptors to acetylcholine, thereby facilitating the transmission of signals in nerve cells. These mechanisms allow you to increase the level of concentration and stimulate the nervous system to work harder.

The Mentality is a great product with almost 30 substances that intensively enhances brain work. Rich Piana in his flagship product has placed many substances that intensify concentration processes. The synergistic action will allow you to wake up the brain much faster in the morning and provide it with the highest turnover throughout the day. Depriving the product of strong stimulants, eliminates the phenomenon of “congress” in the evening. Mentality is the best product in its category among the preparations available on the market. 


Preparations available as solo substances also show high efficacy in this action. Citicoline CDP Choline is a dietary supplement containing an effective nootropic and psychostimulating agent – citicoline in the form of a stable “Cognizin”. 

Citicoline is a very efficient substrate for the synthesis of acetylcholine in the brain, which has a positive effect on cognitive functions and working memory. In addition, it regenerates neurons in the brain, thanks to which it can “activate” most of the brain to work than before supplementation. The product is strongly recommended for mentally-assisted persons, students and students, as well as for people complaining about the phenomenon of “burn-out”. 

The last of the products presented today is Brain Bridge. It is an extremely revolutionary product designed to improve memory, concentration and cognitive abilities. The main ingredient of this formula is noopept, the compound whose action has been clinically confirmed. In addition, theacrine, vinopocetine and choline alfoscerate can improve the mood, providing a synergistic effect that is unmatched.