Supplements for cardiovascular health

The heart is the most efficient muscle of the human body. During our lifetime it beats about 2 billion times and pumps over 150 million liters of blood! Despite advanced medicine, we should take care of our body’s well-being.

Stress, lack of sleep, fast pace of life, stimulants are not the best environment for optimal work and heart regeneration.

The important role is played by fatty acids, specifically polyunsaturated or alpha-linolenic acids. dha, epa and ala. The supplement that comes with the help is Ultra Omega-3 by NOW FOODS. The acids ensure proper functioning of the heart and brain, and also protect the circulatory system against the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques.

Polyphenols are a group of organic chemical compounds that have strong antioxidant activity and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The strongest include the resveratrol found in red wine and grapes. In the form of a supplement, Resveratrol Plus is the most effective in rankings and opinions.

The next group are antioxidants, specifically vitamins E, C and A, as well as zinc and selenium. Here we can recommend for men a preparation with a comprehensive composition of ADAM, in turn an EVE supplement for women.
Why exactly these vitamin and mineral complexes? They contain a number of substances positively affecting our heart like ALA, potassium and magnesium.