Supplements for breastfeeding mothers

Pregnancy and childbirth considerably weaken the organism of women, which may result in deficiencies. Moreover, mother’s milk is poor in nutrients, if there are few of them in the woman’s organism. It should not be ignored, as the composition of milk considerably influences the growth and development of a child, which for every mother is the most important. Therefore, a breastfeeding mother should eat a lot of unprocessed, healthy products, rich in vitamins and minerals. As complementation of a balanced diet, it is worth taking supplements, especially the ones based on natural ingredients, which are safe.

In the period of breastfeeding, woman’s organism produces milk, due to which the appetite is higher. It is not weird, as in this time, caloric needs of a mother are higher by 200 – 500 kcal per day. Along with the increase of the need for calories, the amount of nutrients, the intake of which is necessary, also rises.


After pregnancy, in the period of lactation, it is necessary to take higher amounts of vitamin D and iodine. They are ingredients, the levels of which influence milk quality in the mother’s organism, therefore skipping this element in a diet is not a good idea. It is worth reaching for supplements with vitamins and minerals, which will complement potential deficiencies. Iodine is an important element from the point of view of proper thyroid functions. This organ takes part in thermoregulation and facilitates metabolism. In the period of breastfeeding, disturbed thyroid work may result in weak preparation of milk epithelial cells for milk production. Vitamin D, however, is essential from the point of view of building the skeletal system, as it enables better absorption of iron.


Supplementation during lactation is important not only due to the quality of milk, but also due to the health of the mother. It is important to maintain a proper level of iron. Its presence is considerably lower due to the fact that during milk production, there is no menstruation. Moreover, deficiencies may be caused by the loss of a lot of blood during birth. The organism of a mother often lacks calcium after delivery. It is often applied with cow’s milk and its products, which are frequently eliminated during breastfeeding. Therefore, it is worth reaching for preparations with calcium in order to regulate its level.

Apart from the above mentioned vitamins and minerals, supplementation with DHA acid is also recommended. It helps to improve immunity of a mother and prevents depression. DHA also supports the development of a child, especially mental development, which we should pay attention to right after birth. It is also a good idea to use a complex of vitamins and minerals, which will ensure optimal level of all micro- and macroelements.


Taking care of a diet should be incredibly vital for women, not only during pregnancy, but also after, when milk is produced. We should certainly not forget about a balanced diet after lactation period, when the woman’s organism gets back to normal. The most effective way to complement all deficiencies is supplementation, but such preparations should contain only natural ingredients.