Supplements for boxers – best fighter supplementation!

Boxing is one of the combat sports and that is why training him, we have to take into account the specific needs of the body. Above all, we should lead a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, which will provide us with all the necessary nutrients. The hard work that boxers perform during both training in this discipline and during gym exercises causes that their caloric demand increases. This should be taken into account when planning a diet, because failing to provide the right amount of calories can cause weight loss, and even serious health problems, including wasting. In addition, take care of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. It is worth supporting your body for example through supplementation.

Dietary supplements – are they worth using?

Supplements simply mean to ‘supplement’. It is mainly about supplementing the diet with ingredients necessary for the proper functioning and development of the body. Among them, the first group are vitamins and minerals and all basic, natural substances that support general health. The second group consists of various types of nutrients, ie preparations with high nutritional value, rich in a specific ingredient, for example in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats or minerals. It is true that they are not necessary, although in the case of intense physical activity, they are really worth using, because they will not only increase the effectiveness of training, but also cover the increased demand of the body. So what should you buy if you are looking for supplements for boxing?

Supplements for boxers

Vitamins and minerals for boxers

The first and most important element are vitamin and mineral preparations. Our body is unable to produce vitamins on its own, which is why it is necessary to provide them from the outside. High demand means that it is not always possible to do it only through everyday   meals. Therefore, the only sensible solution are supplements, preferably consisting of chelate forms, because they are characterized by high bioavailability. Vitamin-mineral preparations eliminate the risk of deficiencies, which are very common in athletes.

Recommended vitamins and minerals supplement for boxers – Orange Triad from Controlled Labs

Carbohydrates for boxers

Another supplement that should be taken by people training boxing is carbohydrates supplement. After intense exercise, the glycogen level is significantly reduced, therefore, the consumption of such a nutrient causes its rapid replenishment and thus the return of energy. It is worth using this preparation both before and after training.

Recommended Carbohydrates supplement for boxers – Glyco-Infusion from Alri

Caffeine for boxers

It is also a good idea to use dietary supplements with caffeine. It has a stimulating effect, improving concentration and accelerating metabolism. In addition, according to research, caffeine reduces muscle pain by up to 50%.   Thanks to its use before training, our energy and endurance will increase, and the exercises themselves will become more effective.

Recommended supplement containing caffeine and other stimulants for boxers – Smart Caps from Apollos Hegemony

Creatine for boxers

In this combination, of course, you can not skip creatine. This is probably the most popular dietary supplement for athletes, which is ideal for martial arts such as boxing. Creatine supports the reduction of muscle fibers and the development of muscle mass, as well as increases strength and endurance, which is really important in boxing, if we want to be successful. We have many types of creatine to choose from, and one of the most recommended is malate.

Recommended creatine supplement for boxers – Creatine from MZ Store

Gainer for supplements

Why else should you reach for the boxers? Certainly protein or carbohydrate-protein nutrients. They accelerate the regeneration of muscles and their building, and also instantly add energy and strength to training.

Recommended gainer supplementation for boxers – Mutant Mass from PVL

Anti catabolic for boxers

Apart from that, anti-catabolic drugs are also necessary, which protect muscles against destruction as a result of catabolism, occurring even during their intensive firing, and thus during hard training. Among them, BCAA leads the way. It is a combination of three amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Recommended Anti Catabolic supplement for Boxers – Off the Chain from Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals

ZMA for boxers

Also, ZMA will bring a lot of benefits to every boxer. The supplement contains mainly zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. It influences, among others, the synthesis of testosterone, which is of great importance in building muscle mass.

Recommended ZMA supplement for boxers – ZMA from NOW Foods

Joint support for boxers

In addition, it is worth protecting yourself against the effects of various types of injuries that are inevitable in boxing. Here we need a collagen supplement that supports joints as well as preparations with chondroitin and glucosamine. Thanks to them, our joints will remain agile and movable for many years.

Recommended joint support supplement for boxers – Arthro-Immune