Supplements for better sperm quality

The subject of dietary supplements is currently very popular, especially in the context of healthy lifestyle, physical activity and conscious nutrition. Supplementation serves as a natural stimulus to stimulate, intensify and balance all metabolic processes and changes (eg muscle mass growth) occurring in the body. It turns out that dietary supplements are doing equally well in other areas of life, for example in terms of improving the quality of semen, which contrary to appearances is their great advantage and gives them a special value.

Dietary supplements supporting fertility in men are carefully and meticulously composed sets of vitamins and minerals, which not only improve the quality of semen, but also protect the whole body against germs, bacteria and viruses – strengthening it. Supplementation is aimed at increasing the amount of sperm produced and improving their quality, because it works to improve their vitality, as well as mobility.

Seed supplements – which to use?

Vitamins and minerals will definitely work to improve the quality, quantity, mobility and vitality of semen. They nourish the body creating it strong, stable, energetic, as well as fully functional and healthy.

The most popular, indeed the most important vitamins directly affecting reproductive function (both in the case of women and men) are: vitamin A, Beta-carotene, B vitamins (B6, B12), vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium.

A good solution will also be a supplement containing maca root, because this ingredient has functions strengthening the body, improves sexual function, strengthens spermatogenesis and nourishes the skin, hair and nails, and what’s more – it improves sperm motility, acts as a specific aphrodisiac. Similarly to the maca root, will also work the plant for itching, which increases the level of dopamine in the body, improves the overall mood and energy level, improves the quality, mobility and condition of sperm, and also increases sex drive.
What in addition to supplements?

During supplementation, which aims to improve the quality of the semen, its intensity and mobility – you should focus, above all, on combining it with physical activity, especially indicated for this type of treatment and a properly composed, varied diet. What’s more, to enhance the quality of semen, you need to properly hydrate the body, with supplementation it is especially important in the context of the transport of nutrients in the body. Unfortunately, but more and more statistics show us that a larger percentage of men have problems with their own seed. Dietary supplements, of course, are able to deal with this problem and fight it, but they must receive adequate support from us, otherwise, unfortunately, we will not get rid of the discomfort completely.

One of the supporting factors is, for example, quitting one’s addictions, which only disturbs the natural economic processes taking place in the body, contaminating it and causing it to not develop in a proper way. In addition, for example, nicotine, contains in itself poisonous substances that can cause cancer, respiratory diseases, heart disease and diseases of the kidneys, liver and pancreas.

Another factor supporting supplementation is the issue of nutrition, we should consume products as natural as possible, unprocessed, without the addition of scavengers, chemistry, dyes and preservatives – they greatly harm, and even impair the quality of semen. Similarly work: stress relieving, calmness, relaxation and quietness, because the lack of worries and the normalized level of blood pressure are a perfectly prepared field for the development of sperm, on the contrary – unfortunately, it is degrading.

Amazingly, it is often mentioned that a very useful addition to supplementation, which definitely strengthens its effects, will be an adequate amount of sleep, well-chosen air temperature during rest and the level of air humidity.