Supplements for Backpacking

The holiday time is coming. Not everyone plans to spend their holidays on the sea breeze or paradise views. There is a group of people who focus on active forms of recreation, trekkers.

The mountains are difficult and demanding, we must remember that the form and length of our wanderings are always adequate for our physical fitness. If we’re traveling a group, let’s remember to plan the route for the weakest participants.

6-8-10-12 hours of hiking is a very exhausting time for our body, care should be taken to ensure an adequate supply of fluids and microelements. Not rated here is the Unisport isotonic from Nutrend. The right amount of minerals for the health of our legs (including potassium and magnesium), carbohydrates that provide energy and a great form of the product in the form of liquid placed in a sealed bottle. This form has a big advantage over traditional isotonic drinks in powder due to zero hygroscopicity.

Perfectly, we have a drink, but how to disperse it? A 1000 ml water bottle, made of a very durable, non-absorbing material, will help you. Maintaining proper water management is a key factor during summer hiking in the mountains.

We have the strength for intentions, but it may happen that we will find a night, shelters sometimes offer fairly expensive meals (7 euros), then it is worth to buy products that will give us strength. The range of products is opened here with protein-carbohydrate-fat bars Booster, one bar gives us as much as 474 kcal!

Wandering in the mountains is a huge burden on the joints, let’s take care of them using the FlexBox. The preparation contains key ingredients that support the proper work of the joints. An individual portion will allow us to take only the load in the backpack we need, without excessive kilos.