Supplements for adrenal regeneration

The adrenal glands are secretory glands located in the upper part of the kidneys. They consist of a cortical and spinal part. The bark is 80-90% superior to the adrenal gland.
The bark produces three types of steroids:

1.) Glucocorticoids – Cortisol.

2.) Mineralocorticoids – Aldosterone.

3.) Small amounts of sex hormones.

Excessive stress, poor diet, small amount of sleep or too much physical strain weigh the adrenal glands, forcing them to work intensely.

There are dietary supplements to support their work and regeneration processes. One such measure is Adrenal reset. It is a dietary supplement containing raw, lyophilized concentrate from all bovine adrenal glands. The raw material comes from animals bred in the free-range with access to fresh grass. In the US, cell extracts from cattle adrenal glands are still popular. They are called “Adrenal Cell Extracts” (ACE) or “Adrenal Cortical Extracts”. However, this is not about the type of hormone replacement therapy, but about providing the components needed for regeneration of the adrenal glands. The risk of symptoms caused by replacement therapy is much greater than the use of natural adrenal extracts from the adrenal glands.

Another recommended product is Apollos Hegemony Ashwagandha is a dietary supplement containing Withania Somnifera root extract, the flagship herb of Ayurveda – traditional Indian medicine. Known for ages, but only now, due to the development of knowledge, the plant is experiencing a significant increase in interest around the world. It is attributed to a very wide range of applications, which include supporting the body’s systems, including: immune, nervous, hormonal (including adrenal regeneration), respiratory and circulatory. It is worth mentioning that ashwagandha is used among athletes to increase physical performance and strengthen muscle tissue.

In turn, Life Extension Adrenal Energy Formula is a dietary supplement containing a modern formula, which aims to alleviate the effects of stress, as well as increase resistance to stressors. This product combines four effective extracts from medicinal plants, ie Holy Basil, Cordyceps, Brahmi and Ashwagandha, which support homeostasis of the body and the functioning of the adrenal gland and regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA).