Supplement for boosting metabolism – L-Carnitine

Undoubtedly, more and more often we realize that we do not have enough knowledge about the substances that we should take on a daily basis or which we already use. We have heard about them, so-called “what is not what”, but in reality we do not realize their ultimate influence and role in our body. Awareness, especially physical and psycho-physical, is a very important element of our existence, so it should be ensured that it is full. Dietary supplements are not only supplementing deficiencies, strengthening for the skin, hair, nails, bones and all other processes and changes taking place in the body. It also ensures the proper functioning of internal organs, good concentration, memory, balance, as well as healthy, beautiful and slim figure. Supplements work on all areas of our lives, we can achieve almost every desired effect through them.

Carnitine – what is it?

Undoubtedly, the noteworthy measure remains the already popular L-carnitine, working miracles in the field of weight reduction. It is said that this supplement not only stabilizes and accelerates the metabolism, fat burning, but also minimizes the absorption of “empty” fats in the body. The very name of this substance comes from Latin (from the word carnis, caro – which means meat in free translation) and is directly related to the place of its greatest accumulation in our body, namely – with muscles. It is in the skeletal muscles as well as in the myocardium that carnitine is accumulated (you can also find it, but only in trace amounts, in the brain, kidneys, liver). There is no doubt that L-carnitine remains a very important part of the daily diet and fulfills many important roles in it. It should be remembered that only in the form of a supplement takes on the most concentrated, full-fledged – and thus the best assimilable form and action.

L-Carnitine - chemical structure and formula
L-Carnitine – chemical structure and formula

How does carnitine work?

The role of carnitine is very wide, in the body it transports fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are transformed into the energy we need. This substance, moreover, takes a very active part in the metabolism of carbohydrates, as well as in the case of some types of branched chain amino acids. Of course, it is clear that in the case of weight loss, supplementation should be combined with appropriate nutrition and physical activity. In the case of physical exertion, carnitine facilitates the excretion of lactate compounds from the body (and more precisely from the blood) produced during excessive effort . This is very important because the excess of lactate in the blood is the cause of chronic fatigue, weakness of the body, and mineral deficiencies. In addition, carnitine causes normalization of hormonal activity, especially in the case of such important hormones as:

  • thyroid hormone
  • testosterone

It is worth noting that Thyroid glands hormones are very actively involved in fat burning processes.

A deficiency of carnitine in the body – what then?

It is known that the causes of shortages can really be a lot. Starting from disorders of myocardium, kidneys, liver or intestines, passing through various diseases (eg diabetes, hypertension, thyroid problems), ending in malnutrition. The lack of carnitine is mainly exposed to people struggling with obesity, pregnant women, too intensely training or vegetarians. It is worth to prevent the possibility of shortages even before they appear, it is extremely important. Thanks to this, we are able to recover more quickly and more productively, and we are also better at slimming. Carnitine during stimulation stimulates a much more intense inflow of energy to our body and thanks to that we are much more excited and mobilized for exercise.

No less, despite the beneficial effects of the supplement, you should take care first of all about a good, healthy diet and proper training. Only thanks to regular nutrition and daily activity, we are able to achieve spectacular results. It is also not the case that practicing mindlessly and without much commitment, however, we achieve everything we dream about – on the contrary. In the case of training, commitment, conscientiousness, regularity and, most importantly, the right technique play a very important role! Only in this way will we protect our bones, muscles and joints against overloads and many other dangers resulting from the improper execution of individual sequences.

Mechanism of carnitine actions
Mechanism of carnitine actions

A word about healthy fatty acids

In addition, remember that not all fats are bad! It is worth eating: avocado, seeds, nuts, coconut oil, coconut butter, oil, olive oil – they improve not only the work of the brain, but are essential for the development of the body and brain. Do not forget about proper watering, water is the basis of our functioning, because it is from it in as much as 70% consists of our body. Generally, wanting to be successful in nutrition, appearance and well-being, it is worth taking care of everything. Our body is one whole. The whole, in which all elements must be cared equally.