Superfoods – ideas for the use of flax and chia – an irreplaceable ingredient in cakes and pastries?

I think that the multitude of uses of wonderful grains surprised many, but that’s not all you can get from them.

Don’t you eat eggs? Reach for linen or sage!

Eggs are the type of food which is not exaggerating, highly controversial. They have as many die-hard supporters as opponents who outdo each other in calculating the beneficial/harmful properties/effects of egg consumption. The current state of knowledge does not put us on either side. Eggs are neither irreplaceable food (as you used to think) or not recommended. However, it is worth maintaining moderation and in healthy and active people do not consume chronically more than 7-10 eggs (and yolks in total) / week. For most sports adepts, this number seems strange, because of this amount of eggs they prepare 1-2 meals. Maybe sometimes, in meals where eggs are not strictly a base, replace them with another product so that you do not have to limit the size of scrambled eggs?

There is also a considerable group of people excluding eggs for health reasons (egg protein allergy is definitely more common in children, but there are also adults unable to eat eggs), or ethical ones.

And how about you? Are you using eggs in your kitchen?
And how about you? Are you using eggs in your kitchen?

Use plants instead of eggs…?

It will sound abstract, but yes – ground seeds can successfully replace eggs in home-baked goods, omelettes, chops (also vegetable) or wherever you like. Combine ground flax or chia (best prepared by yourself) with a little water and see how the magic happens … To create a substitute for 1 egg you will need 1 tablespoon of ground seeds and 3 tablespoons of water. If you use flax seeds – put the resulting mixture in the fridge for a quarter of an hour, while in the case of chia – you can use it immediately – add it to the dough/meat and it’s ready.

An ideal option for people excluding eggs, but not only – sometimes you do not need an extra portion of protein, and precious omega-3 will be useful almost always!