Summer SOS, or what to pack in the first aid kit

Scratches, bites, diarrhoea, colds, cystitis – these are the most common ailments that can happen during the holidays and what’s worst they do this unexpectedly. Therefore, when planning a holiday trip, it is worth taking at least the basic equipment of the first-aid kit. What should be included in the vacation first aid kit? Check our articles for the best tips for this!

Injuries, abrasions and minor wounds are nearly the (unwanted of course) staple of the holiday trips, especially if travelling with children. Wound care and disinfectants are the basis of every first aid kit. Rejuvenating gels, bandages in several sizes, sterile compresses, preparations for disinfecting wounds and a triangular scarf are absolute minimum equipment of your holiday first aid kit.

Let’s make sure that the spray or fluid for cleaning and sterilizing wounds used in children does not pinch or irritate the delicate skin of the youngest. For toddlers, it is worth taking patches with colourful prints and favourite characters from fairy tales and movies, preferably waterproof ones, to protect their wounds also during bathing.

You should also have preparations for minor bruises and bruises in the holiday medicine cabinet. Choose those containing arnica and marigold extract, chestnut or heparin derivatives. They will be helpful not only for faster healing of hematomas but also to accelerate recovery after minor injuries.

If you travel with the whole family, remember to bring both medicines for adults and some of those specifically designed for children.

So that minor ailments do not spoil your holiday, it is worth taking the basic composition of the holiday first aid kit with you. It will not take up much space in your luggage, and in those unpleasant situations, will help you recover much more quickly.

We wish you a pleasant holiday!