Stunted growth, stagnation? Tips and tricks!

From September, the clubs will start to burst at the seams. Rehearsals of the trainers will start to gain valuable kilograms of muscle mass once again, to get rid of body fat – in a word, to improve the appearance of your body and your frame of mind. In order not to waste further months of training, it is worth returning to the basics. 

Regardless of whether the goal is to build muscle mass or maybe reduce body fat (slimming). In fact, strength training on both occasions does not have to be significantly different. The biggest changes will appear in additional activities (aerobics, intervals) and in the diet (balance of calories, proportions of macronutrients). 

If you are wondering why you do not grow and exclude reasons related to diet (appropriate calorific balance, proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fats), the wine may lie in the wrong exercise technique, using too much or too light weights. The reason may also be searching for the best training method – using too many dietary, training and supplementation strategies. 

Very rarely does a person who has actually reached the threshold of growth inhibition. Often, after the start of strength training, you can grow even on the most absurd training plan, such as performing 30 series per frame and 15 biceps, 2x a week. You can also gain weight and muscle strength when breaking any nutritional rules. Strength training for a beginner’s body is a shock. Oh, that’s not all. In scientific studies, increases in muscle mass were recorded even when exercising intervals on a stationary bicycle! The body quickly adapts to the effort and subsequent training does not bring such effects. The matter is exacerbated by the chaotic use of supplements and nutrients. Once in the club I talked to a young man – his whole idea of ​​nutrition came down to knowledge, you need to eat a lot of protein. This knowledge – enough – for a moment. Later, gigantic problems will start. 

It’s not enough to eat a lot and eat healthy, or eat a lot. And suddenly there are desperate posts why the training does not work, and so far I grew up ?. 


At this stage, you have to bet on 

solid training, 

thoughtful diet, 

Sometimes it’s better to spend money on dubious quality dietary supplements – invest in advice from a dietitian or the right trainer. 


Do you also belong to a group of thinkers? Similar persons enter the level of truly philosophical considerations 

If you have not achieved the minimum level of strength and muscle mass, practicing a training philosophy will not bring you anything good. You can get stuck in for a dozen or so years, paying attention to nothing significant


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