Strength training + aerobics or aerobics + strength training?

We have written several times on cardio and strength training in It’s time to summarize and add some information. Despite detailed articles, I still face many questions about combining strength and aerobic training.

There is no magic here, whether the combination is optimal or harmful is determined by the training parameters.

What is this? 

In strength training 

In running training 


I do not have to add that running in the form of 2 chest and biceps exercises will not interfere with running, and will prevent them (or at best extreme) 10 series of 10 repetitions of squats + deadlift on straight legs (powerful micro-injuries of the back and front part) thighs, abdominal muscles, extensor muscles). The same applies to running the day after strength training. The competitor will react totally differently to 20 intervals combined with 30 minutes of light running in the field, and moderate jogging for 45 minutes. The tolerance will be quite different, for example sprints with loads, rhythms and ascents. 


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