Sodium bicarbonate – what baking powder can give us!

Sometimes the most interesting supplements that will support our training can be found in the strangest places. One of them is, for example … our kitchen. Sodium bicarbonate or a more classic baking powder (baking soda) has been taken under the microscope on how it can help our body during different forms of training. In this text, I will try to present whether it is really worth this kitchen standard to join the training shopping list. I invite you.

Baking powder – why and how can it work?

It is certainly worth answering the question why such a kitchen product can be valuable to us? It has long been recognized that muscle acidosis is associated with muscle fatigue that arises during intense exercise. Despite the fact that the exact statement of the cause of muscle fatigue can be a controversial subject in the world of science, we certainly know that the accumulation of hydrogen ions (H +) and simultaneous reduction in the level of myoplasmic pH have been recognized as one of the main causes of fatigue resulting from physical exertion. In addition, the idea of ​​using alkalizing agents (like our baking powder) as supplements before exercise can affect the neutralization of metabolic acidosis. This is how the theory looks like, how does it look in practice?

Baking powder and lemon are often addition to home-made isotonics
Baking powder and lemon are often addition to home-made isotonics

Baking powder and intensive exercises for experienced people

As the main idea of ​​sodium bicarbonate was to support people who do intensive training, it is best to look at it first. In this case, we are talking about taking a certain dose orally. Volunteers could be people who trained for a minimum of four years and participated in various sports, training 5-7 days a week. Their task was to perform the so-called “The Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test level 2, which was created to test the athlete’s ability to perform intermittent aerobic exercises together with a large anaerobic component – in this case, we mainly talk about exercises that are related to various sports, for example, football. Can baking powder change something in an athlete’s performance?


Studies show that he can do it! Taking a high dose of baking powder has an effect on the performance of the intensive training of experienced athletes, accompanied by increased alkalosis. Supplementation with sodium bicarbonate increased the level of lactate in the blood during exhaustion and reduced the level of perceived effort during exercise.

In the case of other studies, we will also find many interesting results, such as increased efficiency in the case of cyclists. In addition, possible side effects like benign flatulence or nausea were also checked and generally recognized that they are not quite common, or when they are already in place, they are not very harmful to our health and training.


As you can see, even something so unprecedented in the world of supplements as baking powder can bring interesting results. It is worth noting, however, that most of the research was mainly about checking whether it can help experienced people, which is why amateurs may not get any effect. Certainly more research is still needed on this subject, however, at the moment, sodium bicarbonate is an intriguing gastronomic product that can also work great as a pre-workout supplement.