Snacks – how to choose them, to always stay fit and healthy

Keeping slim is not a simple matter, especially when we are surrounded by a wide variety of food. Snacks are foods that we usually don’t pay much attention to. We eat them whenever we feel like to, but we do not care about their calorific value, size and quality. Over time, this can be fatal for our figure, which will feel every snack in the form of extra kilos!

Party snacks and lunch – treat them as a full meal!

Often at parties, we eat something that is not included in our caloric balance. The same applies to lunch and snacking during work. We do not treat such snacks as full-fledged meals. Snacks, however, should be treated like that, because they also have calories – sometimes there are more of them than we could imagine. Everything eaten during the day should simply be treated as a full-fledged meal, so pay attention to theirs caloric content.

Puff pastry snacks, that is, seemingly non-calorie

Many people try to eat healthy and light, so they choose snacks, which unfortunately are only seemingly low-calorie. An example is various puff pastry snacks – it is light, crunchy and can be hoped for with vegetables, chicken breast and other healthy additions. Few people pay attention to the fact that puff pastry is very caloric because it consists of half fat butter! Another example of seemingly low-calorie snacks are salads, which are poured with a large amount of oil.

Do not buy ready-made snacks!

Shops are nearly bombarding us with offers of ready-made snacks. Instant cups with porridge or soup inside, easy to eat candy bars, yoghurt with fruit. Seemingly tasty, healthy and dietetic snacks are really a source of a large amount of sugar, salt, preservatives and dyes, which are something that not everyone want to eat. Buying snacks in stores should be really sporadic and only take place when you really don’t have time to take anything home. Instead, it is better to choose bananas, apples, any fruit or buy a few slices of good sausage and a wholemeal roll. Such a snack is definitely healthier!

A lot of vegetables

Vegetables are a natural and healthiest snack, and they don’t have many calories. Vegetables can be eaten raw, cut into sticks, in the form of salad etc. They can be stewed, baked, steamed, so they never get us bored. It is certainly worth eating them also because of the high content of natural fibre, which cleanses the body of intestinal deposits and contributes to faster weight loss. It is best to choose organic vegetables that are grown in naturally clean soil, so they are not contaminated with chemicals that are not needed in our diet.


Healthy snacks will allow you to maintain a slim figure and excellent health throughout your life. They are definitely worth eating, but you should do it wisely and do not overdo it with the number of snacks during the day – two are just enough.