Slimming supplements

When planning a reduction in body fat, the first activity that practically everyone thinks about is purchasing supplements. Dietary supplements for slimming are helpful and can clearly shorten the reduction period, but they must be selected and used with the head. They can not replace neither training nor a diet with a negative calorific balance. Let’s look at several substances today that have a real influence on the increase of the rate of fat reduction.

  1. Diet, diet and again … diet!
  2. The most effective substances to help burn fat
  3. So what’s the best to buy?
  4. Applications


  1. Diet, diet and again … diet!

And again this diet … yes, again! As always, she and the training play a key role in reaching the goal set for herself. He plays the first violin while reducing fat. Why? Because whether we maintain a negative caloric balance and protein supply – it will depend on whether we will start to lose weight at all. Training on reduction looks the same as on weight, so it will not affect the reduction significantly. Its task is to maintain muscle mass and provide a large energy expenditure.


  1. The most effective substances to help burn fat

Substances that help burn fat are many. Some have clear effects, others are negligible, and others only work on paper … I will omit here those that help burn fat the most, and I will focus only on relatively active ones.

Capsaicin – a substance with a good thermogenic effect. It occurs in chilli peppers. She is responsible for their spicy taste. The alkaloid capsaicin acts strongly on the pain receptors that are direct receptors of the nervous system. It stimulates the metabolism, which results in an increased rate of fat burning

Piperine – a substance derived from pepper responsible for its spicy taste and smell. It is an alkaloid that stimulates sensory endings in the digestive system, intensively improving digestion. It clearly intensifies lipolysis (decomposition of adipose tissue), affecting the adrenergic receptors contained in adipose tissue.

Caffeine – an organic chemical compound found in many plants, being a purine alkaloid. It can be synthesized. It supports the process of fat loss by increasing heart rate and body temperature. It stimulates thermogenesis by increasing the metabolism of fatty acids.

Raspberry ketones – is a substance found naturally in raspberries, cranberries and black forest fruits. Ketones are phenols from the keto group that stimulate adiponectin, which is a hormone that regulates fat breakdown, glucose transport and indirectly affecting insulin sensitivity. By causing norepinephrine to be released, it raises body temperature and intensifies lipolysis.

Yohimbine – a substance known since the beginning of time as an aphrodisiac. It works thermogenically and is the only one that has the ability to burn local fat. Obtained from the bark and leaves of the yohimbine tree. Clearly raises blood pressure, body temperature and heart rhythm. It intensifies thermogenesis, and also blocks alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, preventing their association with adrenaline and noradrenaline, causing strong lipolysis. These receptors are mainly found in fat on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and chest.


  1. So what’s the best to buy?

You can purchase all substances listed in this article by creating your own fat burner. This is certainly not a cheap option, but certainly very effective. People who want to have one supplement should look for such a thermogenic supplement that contains all or most of the above-mentioned substances in their composition.


  1. Applications

Slimming is much less pleasant than massaging and is an irrefutable fact. It massages more easily and reduces it more easily. A good reduction diet is essential, but when we decide on fat burning supplementation, we will consciously choose supplements based on those substances that really work. Berrator is such a fat burner.

Finally, I would like to point out that substances contained in thermogenics affect our body and processes occurring in it – therefore, let’s make sure that we are healthy before starting any reduction.

What about slimming? Above all, a diet with a slightly negative caloric balance combined with whole body weight training based on free weights (optimally 3 times a week, every other day), aerobic training on gym-free days (initially 2, and 3 times a week) , over time, aerobic training should be exchanged for interval training twice a week on gym days.

If you are a person of horse health and have a slight overweight, you can use either strong burners such as ephedrine or yohimbine, or from weaker, ie from legally available thermogenics (fat burners).

People who are overweight should not use ephedrine or yohimbine or thermogenics, because they can harm these people.

In contrast, for people with a high overweight it is recommended to drink a minimum of 4 glasses of green leaf tea a day, stop sweetening, exclude from the diet all products containing glucose-fructose syrup or large amounts of sugar, exclusion from the diet of highly processed products, limitation of products containing sugar, alcohol restriction, drastic limiting junk food, eliminating sweetness and sweet drinks in taste, eliminating shop fruit juices from the diet.

These rules also apply to people who are slightly overweight – not just those who are overweight.