Slimming pills – which one are the best?

Slimming pills can help you if you exercise regularly, eat less, and you count calories and still the amount of loosening weight does not bring the expected results. To increase the effectiveness of weight loss, reach for slimming preparations. You can choose from pills, appetite suppressants, tablets which reduce the absorption of fat and pills that produce heat.

Fat loss tablets

Slimming pills are designed to help weight loss, but do not replace diet and exercise. Diet pills are used only for a few weeks usually no more more than for two months. If you do decide to take them you need to change at this time your eating habits and include regular training. Only then will the discontinuation of the tablets have a chance to keep your appetite in check. The pharmacies are three basic types of diet pills.

Slimming pills – appetite suppressants

To this group, we mainly include supplements that include plant fibres absorbing water and swelling in the stomach (for example methylcellulose, agar, xanthan). This gives you a feeling of satiety and reduced appetite.  Such preparations should be taken a half an hour before meals with a glass of still water.

Diet pills that reduce fat absorption

Such preparations as chitin, are very popular among people struggling with. In fact the composition of these specifics is obtained from the armour of crustaceans (shrimp, crabs and krill) – chitosan, which is not absorbed by the body. It behaves like a sponge – perfectly absorbs water and binds fat already in the gastrointestinal tract. It is removed along with the stool.

Note, however, that while taking preparations that reduce the absorption of fat to drink a lot of water.

Attention! Because they effectively reduce the body’s absorption of fat, its use can significantly decrease the absorption of vitamins required to just dissolve in the fat (A, D, E).

Thus, if taking a set vitamin do at least a two-hour break between their swallowing and taking one of these selected slimming preparations.

Slimming pills – thermogenics

If you spent hours sitting behind a desk, you can help yourself dealing with overweight, using the thermogenic agents, which stimulate the production of heat by the body.

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Attention! Some of them may cause an increase in blood pressure or heart rate speed up. They must abandon their elderly and with cardiovascular ailments.