Slimming Norwegian diet – losing weight with health in mind

Norwegian diet – the main principles

In the most popular version of the diet, we learn that:

  • The Norwegian diet lasts 14 days, not a day longer or shorter
  • Norwegian diet can be repeated only after a full year, even if it was interrupted. However, you can also find a version that allows you to repeat it after a month, and in case of a break or violation of even the slightest rule, it is recommended to start from the beginning. Considering its extremely low energy value, this is certainly very dangerous
  • The (monotonous) menu is based mainly on boiled eggs (soft or hard) and grapefruit, but we also eat salads, carrots, celery, tomatoes, meat (exclusively boiled, although in some versions also roasted and grilled) beef, chicken breast, and fish, bread (rarely)
  • Drink about 2 liters of liquids (some versions recommend three liters) plain water, herbal teas, and coffee (all without sugar, milk)
  • No oil or sauces should be added to salads and vegetables
  • Salt is avoided as much as possible
  • There are only three meals, no supper.

Why should it work and allow you to lose up to 14 kilograms, as well as protect you from the yo-yo effect? The Norwegian diet supposedly contributes to chemical changes in the body’s metabolism – it is supposed to speed up metabolism. After a full cycle, on the other hand, perceived cravings should be less intensive.