Sleep better!

Sleep in essence remains a very important topic for each of us, regardless of gender, age or disposition. Perhaps this is because each of us is simply addicted to him and would not be able to function without it.   He is responsible for many consequences and aspects, for example, when we suffer from insomnia or for other reasons we sleep too short, as well as too long – it negatively affects our health, both mental and physical. That is why we should take care of our sleep so that our body is regenerated, rested, ready for work and development. Studies show that enough sleep, in an extremely important way translates into our well-being and health – we already know. We also know that when we are sleepy, not only do we not have a good mood, logical thinking, willingness to act, but we also can not cope with the effects of constant stress

A Sleep for athletes – what role does it play?

Sufficiently long, giving solace and calm rest is also important for people exercising, because only then their body is able to regenerate properly. Research has shown that the effectiveness of training and achieved sports results are significantly lower in the case of people who are sleepless than in the case of people sleeping properly. In addition, sleeping is associated directly with an increase in appetite, because our internal organs, processes and changes do not have to rest – which is why we are fat. Unfortunately, but too much pressure of various duties, expectations, roles, too large doses of various types of stimulants, stress, lack of time to rest – they result in various sleep disorders. The most appropriate way to deal with this type of anomalies will definitely be supplementation, which in a safe and fast way – will regenerate, nourish and soothe our body, which will make us sleep comfortably.

Supplements for better sleep – how to fall asleep quickly?


Recommended magnesium supplement in its most effective malate form - Magnesium Malate from Apollo Hegemony
Recommended magnesium supplement in its most effective malate form – Magnesium Malate from Apollo Hegemony

One of the best supplements for a good night’s sleep is magnesium with vitamin B6. Magnesium is an element that in its specificity has a very important meaning for the body. It participates in over 300 different enzymatic reactions taking place inside our body. Its shortages reflect seriously on the quality of sleep, and we wake up tired and sleepy. It is best to supplement magnesium enriched with vitamin B6, which combined with the element gives wonderful effects, in the form of full nutrition, as well as strengthening the central nervous system.


GABA - chemical formula
GABA – chemical formula

Another supplement worth noting is GABA, which is nothing more than gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is a very popular component of dietary supplements, which in an active and really noticeable way maximizes the level of growth hormone. It is important that GABA has a soothing effect on the entire nervous system, but also works very well on the quality and length of sleep, making it more productive and comfortable. Simply put, this is the fact that sleeping in an objectively shorter time, we wake up rested and refreshed. We can notice this effect after a short time from the start of supplementation, that’s why so many people praise this kind of action. However, do not overdo it with the amount of the substance being taken, as in any other case, immediately follow the manufacturer’s instructions inside the packaging.

Valerian and melatonin

Mechanism of melatonin action impacts the regulation of circadian rhythm - the rhythm of time, in which your organism think that you should go to sleep
Mechanism of melatonin action impacts the regulation of circadian rhythm – the rhythm of time, in which your organism think that you should go to sleep

For better sleep, it is also worth to supplement valerian and melatonin. Valerian extract, in colloquial language, is also known as valerian and has sedative and sleeping effects. In turn, melatonin, which few people know, is referred to as the sleep hormone, which may seem a bit controversial. Its operation works best for people who have a shift job or for other reasons put to sleep at different, irregular times of the day and night. A great advantage of using this substance is its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory character and excellent effect on the secretion of growth hormone.

Recommended melatonin supplement - Apollo's Hegemony Melatonin3
Recommended melatonin supplement – Apollo’s Hegemony Melatonin3

How to improve quality of sleep – other methods

Some quality tips, to improve your sleep!
Some quality tips, to improve your sleep!

To improve the quality of your sleep and increase its effectiveness, it is worth focusing on other factors as well. In addition to effective supplementation, we also need to change the way of nutrition and introduce in their everyday life the appropriate dose of physical activity. In addition, pay attention to the place where you sleep (whether it is ventilated, not too stuffy, too warm or cold), as well as the condition in which the mattress or bedding is. In addition, when it comes to diet, it is recommended that at the end of the day, however, eat easily digestible foods that will not take too much time and effort to our liver. Thanks to that, the organs will regenerate and we will sleep much better ourselves. In fact, everything is important, even what activities we do immediately before going to sleep.