Skin in the summer

In summer, the skin is exposed to many factors that have an adverse effect on it. Sun rays, high temperature, air conditioning, chlorinated or saltwater dry it, sometimes causing irritation. Problem skin feels especially strongly. How to regenerate it after the summer? What will help restore its beautiful and healthy appearance?

What affects our skin

Sunbathing, bathing, air-conditioned rooms in hot weather – what is most pleasant during holiday trips also has the greatest impact on the appearance and condition of the skin. Often after the summer, it is dry and contracted, it can become tender, itchy and especially prone to irritation. This is a sign that it is dehydrated and needs intensive regeneration.

Even despite regular moisturizing, exfoliation and the use of sunblocking creams, frequent exposure to the sun, water, wind or air conditioning causes the skin to become dehydrated, lose its firmness and elasticity, may even peel, discolouration appears and dilated capillaries become more visible.

In an extremely difficult situation, there may be a complexion that is problematic without additional harmful factors. People with excessively dry, allergic and atopic skin should take particular care of skincare in the summer. And after the summer take care of comprehensive regeneration.

Skin regeneration

For regeneration of dry and sensitive skin, one must approach comprehensively, acting simultaneously from the outside and from the inside. Suitable cosmetics for skin regeneration after the summer, hydration and a diverse diet rich in specific ingredients will allow you to return to a proper shape.


The basis is the systematic use of moisturizing, nourishing and oiling cosmetics, which will additionally stimulate the reconstruction of the hydro-lipid layer on the surface of the epidermis. It is worth reaching primarily for butter, lotions and creams for dry skin, which will also soothe irritation.

Emollients are an important element of care for dry, allergic and atopic skin. These are whole cosmetic lines, which include creams, emulsions, balms, lotions and washing preparations based on natural oils. They allow comprehensive care and regeneration of dry skin. They deeply moisturize and grease it, and are comfortable in the application. They are well absorbed, leaving no greasy film on the surface of the epidermis. They rebuild the protective layer, which promotes regeneration, absorption of nutrients and water retention in skin cells.

Proper hydration

In summer, the skin dehydrates faster. In hot weather, we not only sweat more intensively, but the high temperature also causes additional evaporation of water from skin cells. It is worth remembering that the skin consists of 20% water. To make it look healthy and firm, we must ensure an adequate level of hydration. Still, mineral water and herbal teas are best suited for this.


Support from the inside will help regenerate the deeper layers of the skin. It is worth reaching for foods rich in

Let’s also choose foods rich in elements such as iron, zinc, selenium, copper and sulfur.

Alternatively, you can reach for dietary supplements with vitamins and preparations supporting the regeneration of skin, hair and nails.


Dry and susceptible skin needs intensive regeneration after the summer. To enable her to quickly and effectively return to good form, it is worth approaching the subject comprehensively. The use of good regenerating cosmetics, adequate hydration and a varied diet will support it from the inside and outside. The result will be beautiful, healthy and firm skin even during hard summer time!.