Six elementary rules about which you must remember to increase your muscle mass

There is no doubt that nowadays making the mass for the majority of the population does not require much effort and is a natural consequence of the improper selection of food. In practice, however, if we care not so much for increasing the circumference of the belt, making the muscular silhouette matter is a bit complicated. 

Muscle tissue, unlike fatty tissue, is quite capricious and if we want to expand it, we must provide it with the right conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do it, which is why you can meet many desperates in the gyms, who despite the murderous efforts still look the same. If you do not want to be one of them, I have seven elementary tips for you that will make your muscles eventually grow 

First of all, your training must have hands and legs (literally and figuratively). 

The fact that muscles do not grow without strength training is as bright as the sun. However, it is not enough to wavage ironwork to record consistent progress. You need a specific training plan including basic, multi-joint exercises, based primarily on free weights. Training should cover all major muscle parts of both upper and lower body. Training only the muscles of the chest and shoulders is not to optimize the progress. 

Even if your current training plan has been put together by the best trainer in the world, you know that its effectiveness is limited in time. Unfortunately, the body has the ability to adapt to the incentives it has received. So doing the same exercises continuously, in the same number of series with the same number of repetitions, and worst of all – with the same load results in the fact that you look the same. You should add weights to your training, and every two or three months it is good to modify the training plan thoroughly


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