Shake protein – a way to lack time

Today most of us live on the run. Every day we race for a career, a moment of free time for ourselves and the family and the implementation of our assumptions. We have less and less time. So how do you find time to cook? A great solution is shake instead of a meal! Fast, tasty and straight!


  1. What instead of a meal?

The method that will be described in today’s article is easy, convenient and does not take much time. Although the consumption of rational balanced meals is very important in body sports, although in an emergency situation when it is impossible to eat a wholesome meal – a bodybuilding shake can help.

It does not take much time to prepare it.


  1. What should contain shake?

Shake, like a meal in the daily menu, in which he or she replaces an emergency, should contain all the necessary macronutrients, i.e. protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Shake is a great alternative for people who are unable to eat a meal, but you can not follow such a solution all the time! A balanced menu is very important.


  1. Components of your own shake

greek yoghurt,

glass of water,

2 measures (isolate) with vanilla flavor,

1 banana,

5 walnuts.


  1. How to prepare it?

First, prepare all the necessary ingredients. The water will merge the shake – it is best that it is boiled and filtered from the stone. The protein will provide a protein supplement. Ideally, it would be a protein isolate because of the rapid absorption of ingredients. The source of carbohydrates may be oatmeal or banana. Healthy vegetable fats are obtained from walnuts.

Then everything is dumped into the blender, where mixing and shredding of the ingredients into a homogeneous mass state. The water can be replaced or mixed with Greek yogurt.

Protein supplement is a great complement to the daily menu. With its help you can provide yourself with the necessary ingredients in a delicious full-blown drink!