Sex drive – what to eat when it falls?

The combination of various factors means that even if until now we have felt a great need for physical contact with our partner, over time the desire for play disappears somewhere. Stress and fatigue, repeated quarrels and misunderstandings, as well as diseases and weakness of the body may be responsible for this state of affairs.

Getting to the problem

If the lack of desire is not due to problems between partners or diseases, consider other reasons. Do not let this extremely important sphere of life be disturbed. Before you reach for the specifics available in pharmacies that are designed to increase libido, try natural, but extremely effective methods. Check which products available in the kitchen will effectively increase your desire!

Problems with libido – the main causes

A decrease in libido, in the long run, brings fatal results not only in relations with a partner but also negatively affects our health. Therefore, if for a long time at the thought of rapprochement you feel not only resentment but even fear – react immediately and try to determine the reason for this state of affairs.

Adrenal fatigue can also be the cause of the lack of the sex drive
Adrenal fatigue can also be the cause of the lack of the sex drive

Physical love has a positive effect not only on strengthening the bond between two people but also improves the mood (it is due to the production of endorphins, called hormones of happiness). A better mood is not their only advantage – endorphins also protect against osteoporosis, and also significantly delay the ageing process of the body. People who often have sex also enjoy better memories – so make love as often as possible. However, if your head hurts more and more often at the thought of rapprochement, you have a lot of responsibilities, and you are too nervous, think about the reasons for this condition and try to stave off it as soon as possible.

If this problem is caused by relationships, then talk to your partner honestly – maybe the problem can be overcome much faster and easier than you think.

However, if in your relationship everything is fine and the lack of desire to bring closer there are no ailments from the body or complexes, try to turn up the temperature in the bedroom using simple culinary ways – most of the ingredients you will find in your kitchen.

Diet for improving libido – check what works best!

If you do not believe that natural products can work just as well as the specifics available in pharmacies (and maybe even better) – it’s time to put an end to such thinking. Try some proven patents and your face will blush again.

If you like sweets, for example, prepare an apple pie with cinnamon for a romantic dinner – this supplement is a perfect aphrodisiac. Its unusual smell fills the entire interior, extremely effectively stimulating the senses. In addition, cinnamon greatly improves blood circulation and also nicely warms, significantly sharpening the appetite for love. Vanilla works similarly – so you can add a ball of ice cream with this flavour to your apple pie.

Not worse, ginger, which, like cinnamon, significantly improves blood flow as an aphrodisiac, increases libido. Thanks to this, love sensations become better felt on both sides. Ginger also has the effect of strengthening tired muscles. The use of ginger in the kitchen is very wide – you can add it to both dishes and warming drinks.