Saw Palmetto for every man

Unfortunately, in our life it happens that with age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to change our figure for better in terms of quality, whether to maintain well-being, but above all to be healthy and enjoy it until late old age.

The health problems most often encountered by men after the age of 40 are primarily the risk of prostate cancer and a decrease in testosterone levels. This disease, as research shows, is getting more and more men and it is estimated that every third man will fall ill in their lives to prostate cancer.It is the most frequent cancer in men.For this reason, it is extremely important to try to do everything to prevent our health from deteriorating.

The first plant we should pay attention to is the Sabala palm.This plant occurs naturally in the regions of the USA, Central America and India.The fruits of this plant have a violet-black color, and the period of their harvest falls at the end of the year.The active ingredients found in saw palmetto have an impact on reducing 5-α-reductase.It is an enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).Increased concentration of this hormone is a cause of discomfort from the functioning of the prostate.It is overgrown by pressing on the bladder.That’s why men have problems getting up to the toilet at night.

The main compounds found in the saw palmetto and playing a significant role are triglycerides and phytosterols, such as beta-sitosterol, stigminerol, campesterol, and copoloartenol.

Saw Palmetto Extract 160 mg

Properties of saw palmetto

  • a positive effect on the functioning of the prostate,
  • limitation of nocturnal standing up and urination,
  • increasing the urine stream,
  • balancing baldness,
  • supports the strengthening of erections,
  • has a positive effect on PCOS,
  • gives positive effects in the fight against acne.

Application of saw palmetto

  • prophylactically in every man after 30 years or even earlier,
  • if there is a risk of problems with balding in the family,
  • if you have prostate problems in your family,
  • when we observe pollakiurship and nightly waking up,
  • if you notice problems with passing urine,
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome,
  • erection problems,
  • treatment of the occurrence of acne and skin problems.

Dosing of saw palmetto

In the recommendations of publications and scientific research, we observe positive changes in prostate reduction when using an amount of 1 g to 2 g of ground plant.It is worth remembering, however, that positive health changes are observed after long-term use over 6 months.This supplementation does not cause side effects, which is the case with medicines.

Sabbath palms supplementation should be considered by pregnant women and using contraceptive therapy.It should also discontinue its use one month before surgery due to the effect on reducing blood clotting.


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