Sauna for health and detoxification

The best way to improve your mood, cleanse your body, relax, soothe your aching muscles after an intensive workout, or in winter – warm up your body sweetly after a cold walk? Sauna… this is something that makes us feel like a newborn after leaving it.

We have to admit that the Finns had a brilliant idea of how to relax – our Scandinavian neighbours cannot imagine a day without a sauna and we can find such a room in most of their homes. They claim that a sauna cleanses their body and mind of everything that is wrong – a fact that has been scientifically proven to have a very positive effect on our beauty, health and, ladies, slows down the ageing process! So it is worth finding a moment after a stressful and tiring week to visit the sauna.

Benefits of the sauna

  • firms the skin
  • cleanses the skin
  • keep skin in perfect condition
  • by means of sweating, it cleanses the body of toxins
  • increases the body’s immunity
  • it also helps to lose weight

Of course, let us not expect that only by sitting in this wooden room for a few hours we will have a beautiful figure. Unfortunately, nothing can replace regular movement, but it is worth knowing that high temperatures can speed up our metabolism by several dozen percents and the burning of carbohydrates and lipids will increase. So if you have a problem with constipation, maybe it is worthwhile to wait with the pharmacy specifics and try it gently and naturally?

Isn’t it wonderful that while we are completely unconscious about resting in this cosy, quiet place, so many good things happen to our body – from the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system, through mental relaxation to beautiful skin?

Sauna benefits

While staying in high temperature, our pores expand, and as a result of the interaction of sauna heat with the skin, the covering tissue is renewed and regenerated, which manifests itself in the improvement of its appearance and the elimination of all skin imperfections (cellulite, stretch marks), which are particularly serious afflictions for the beautiful sex. Our skin will regain a nice colour thanks to sauna visits, as it accelerates circulation and makes it more oxygenated, accelerated heart rate is excellent training for the cardiovascular system and the heart itself.

During sauna treatments, the development of immune bodies is stimulated, which pays off in people who often use the sauna in such a way that they are less likely to suffer from colds.

Thanks to high-temperature changes, our body is cleansed of toxins, ballasts that are deposited in the body. The high temperature in the sauna causes increased sweating. During a single, not very warm day, a person gives off 0.5 to 1 litre of sweat. During a 0.5-1 hour stay in the sauna, several litres of sweat may be produced. This is a very good method of cleaning the body from toxins, but mainly those soluble in water.

It is worth thinking about regular sauna visits when we have problems with the respiratory system, it increases lung capacity and cleanses the airways, and helps to get rid of sinus pain.

After training, there is no better way to avoid acidification, the conditions in the sauna relieve pain, relax the muscles, relieve stress and inflammation.

If we are having a bad day, the weather is killing us or we would just roll up in a ball and don’t move from under the blanket, then it is also worth thinking about a little sauna session … maybe with aromatherapeutic oils? Under the influence of heat, the hormones of happiness (endorphins, serotonin) are also released, which positively affect our mood, have a calming and sleeping effect. That is why we leave the sauna relaxed and in a good mood. In fact, the very atmosphere of the sauna is conducive to inner calmness and relaxation. The sauna can be used 1-2 times a week.


To sum up, it is worth trying this treatment, which is available to the public in fitness clubs, spas and swimming pools. If you have so far missed a sauna with a wide arch, think how much good a single session can do for you at least once a week and in a completely natural way, no chemistry and adverse side effects.