Sauna and slimming

The thought of a sauna is associated with warmth, relaxation, rest and well-being throughout the day. The use of treatments has a very positive effect on the body, affects both the psyche and our body. This article primarily aims to clarify whether a sauna affects fat loss.

Sauna types

Finnish and Roman saunas are most often available.

In a Finnish sauna, otherwise called dry sauna, the temperature ranges from 80 to 120 degrees Celsius, and the humidity reaches a maximum of 10%. Works best on people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and suffering from coronary artery disease. Regular use of a dry sauna significantly improves circulation.

The Roman sauna has a temperature of around 50 Celsius degrees, but humidity can reach up to 100%. Ideally suited for people who can not withstand very high temperatures. The walls in the Roman sauna are tiled, e.g. stone, unlike the Finnish sauna, where everything is made of wood.

Another type is the infrared sauna, which also uses red radiation. The temperature does not exceed 55 Celsius. Radiation has a positive effect on joints and muscles, warming them up.

Sauna benefits

Sauna positively affects both our physical and mental well-being. There are many positive influences, among others

  • relax and unwinding
  • improving the work of the circulatory and respiratory systems
  • increased metabolism
  • improvement of skin condition
  • removing toxins from the body
  • improvement of hair condition
  • treatment of minor infections, e.g. colds
  • improving the body’s overall immunity
  • help in regaining strength after training and reduces muscle tension
  • mood improvement and energy increase
  • improving thermoregulatory functions of the body
  • increase of oxygen level in the blood
  • improving sleep

Sauna slimming fact or myth?

Many people think that visiting a sauna is a great way to lose unnecessary kilograms. No less are people claiming that the sauna only helps to get rid of excess water from the body, and this gives the illusion of weight loss. Who’s right?

Sauna affects the cleansing of the body of toxins, which speeds up metabolism, so the body begins to work faster, and for this, it needs more energy. However, this does not burn fat, but only gets rid of body fluids. Using only the sauna to lose weight will not bring the expected results, but the combination of these treatments with the right diet and training will accelerate fat burning.

For the sauna to be helpful when losing weight, one should remember about increased fluid intake, i.e. water. Drinking more water will lead to faster toxin removal, the body will have to significantly increase turnover, so the metabolic processes will also significantly accelerate. For a stable effect, you should use the sauna regularly, once a week. The session itself should consist of frequent sauna entries up to 7, but the duration of stay should be very short, up to 8 min. Cooling the body must rely on the use of very cold water, which increases blood flow and lipolysis, and this has a positive effect on reducing body fat and reducing cellulite.

So the myth is slimming by using only the sauna, but the fact is that the sauna can effectively support it.