Risk associated with underground steroids

Most underground generators operate under unknown conditions. The effects are deplorable. Some of the funds in one of the series work well, and in a few weeks much weaker or not at all. Often, underground laboratories leave impurities that cause pain and infections at the injection site. 

Drugs from the pharmacy are placed in glass ampoules, underground labyas usually place goods in a bottle with a rubber stopper. This is another source of injection problems, because the rubber pieces (from the membrane) are not indifferent to the body. Some solvents used by home generators cause allergies. 

Researchers know why people decide to produce SAA themselves. According to studies, up to 60% of SAAs are falsified, very often contain other active substances, their mixtures or low concentrations. For some people, the SAA production itself is a determinant of knowledge, initiation or even a certain ritual. You can read about it with a broad description here. For sure, as long as SAA is not legal and easily accessible, the black market, including home production of SAA, will flourish. 


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