Rhodiola rosea – a natural brain doping

Small amounts of sleep, a lot of stress, and high physical and mental strains accompany us for a large part of our lives. This takes place at work, at home or at trainings. Dietary and training mistakes may also be a factor increasing them.

For this reason, it is worth thinking about our health and think about the use of natural supplementation, which is able to restore our hormonal balance to the so-called. homeostasis, or the natural level for our body.

The first thing that comes to our mind in this situation is the use of adaptogens that are becoming more and more popular recently. What are these relationships? First of all, you can include natural compounds and extracts, which thanks to their properties are able to positively affect the resistance of our body to various types of stress.

One of the more interesting adaptogens is undoubtedly Rhodia rosea, or the mountain rosary that is gaining more and more popularity.

Rhodiola Rosea
Properties of Rhodiola rosea

  • increases the body’s resistance to stress,
  • improves the regeneration of the body,
  • has a positive effect on strengthening the immune system,
  • regenerates the central nervous system,
  • has a positive effect on physical performance,
  • it has an effect on improving the quality of sleep and insomnia,
  • improves mood and mood,
  • antioxidant,
  • supports the fight against anorexia,
  • it preferably regulates the level of sugar in the blood,
  • supports the treatment of neurodegradative diseases.

Application Rhodiola rosea

  • chronic stress,
  • depressive states,
  • a small amount of sleep,
  • high training activity,
  • hard work,
  • significant mental strain at work,
  • long-term fat reduction,
  • periods of using strong drugs,
  • neurodegradation diseases,
  • treatment of anorexia,
  • supporting the treatment of insulin resistance and diabetes,
  • improving the training possibilities of the body.

Dosage Rhodiola rosea

The human body tolerates even high doses of mountain rosa well. This plant may have a slight stimulating effect.

Only high doses of 1.5 g – 2 g per day can only cause hyperactivity in some people. For this reason, it is recommended to use it in the morning or in the pre-workout period. As a rule, this is conditioned by the standardization of the Salidroside Supplement. The most commonly used amounts are from 400 to 800 mg and should be selected individually.


The mountain rosary extract is undoubtedly a plant worth special attention to. Similarly to other compounds from the group of adaptogens, it has a number of very interesting pro-health properties that are confirmed in more and more studies. Both in vitro and in vivo. It can be set first among supplements with proven and significant impact on our body. This takes place especially in difficult and stressful moments, and there are definitely many such ones in our lives.


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