Resveratrol and leucine – a great weight loss combo.

Classic thermogenic products are usually designed using ingredients which efficiently increase the level of thermogenesis, which translates, among other things, into the increase of the level of lipozene. Tennessee researchers have proven that leucine and resveratrol should constitute a large portion of this type of products, as their combination effectively aids weight loss.

The research

The researchers used mice which they fattened for the purposes of the experiment. The fattening period lasted 6 weeks. After the initial 6 weeks, the mice’s diet was enriched with the combination of resveratrol and leucine, and resveratrol with HMB. Part of the mice were used as a control group.

The results

At the end of the experiment, the researchers measured levels of weight loss. The mice with the resveratrol + leucine combo lost 35% more fat tissue than the mice in the control group. Trans-resveratrol administered alone allowed for an 8% extra fat tissue loss than the placebo group.

Animals which benefited from the use of the resveratrol and leucine or resveratrol and HMB combos were characterised with a higher activity of the AMPK enzyme. Additionally, their insulin levels were lower, which had affected the higher uptake of glucose by their muscle cells.


The combination of resveratrol with leucine results in the highest enzyme activity, which effectively helps the reduction of fat tissue. A similar combination of resveratrol with the leucine metabolite, HMB, also results in an activity which has a positive impact on reducing fat tissue. This information may prove helpful to those who find the use of stimulating substances difficult, as a real chance at assisting one’s weight loss journey.

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