Readers’ questions and expert answers

Hey there. I am 174 cm tall and I weight 78 kg, my body looks how it looks, a little chubby but it’s not that bad. I wanted to know if I should work out at the gym and go on a diet? I took up gym about 1,5 month ago. I eat about 1,4 g of protein per one kilogram of my body weight, every day. I was thinking about building the muscle mass for a couple of months at first and then go on a reduction. Is this plan a good one or should I change something? I don’t think my body looks bad and that’s why I was thinking about gaining weight at first and then going on a diet with a negative caloric balance and doing more aerobic exercise. I’m not sure but I think that since I’ve started working out and keeping a diet I’ve lost about 2-4 kg. I also think that my muscles are a bit more visible so is it possible that the routine that I’ve been keeping lately resulted in this?

I think you can still lose some weight and after that start building muscle mass! Of course remember to base your work out on weight lifting (free weights).

Hi, I’m 172cm tall and I currently weight 74kg. I’m on reduction, I went down from 79kg. My body shape shows that I’m losing weight but I’m worried that my tits are still soft and are not getting harder. Twice a week I do some strength work out, and twice a week I do some aerobic training (tabata or stationery). I take protein supplements, BCAA and Olimp vitamins. What should I do to make these muscles be more visible? I’m not on a strict diet but I try to take care of it myself. I work 3 shifts so I have no time.

If the workout is on point, the only thing you can do now is to introduce the right diet, it’s the most important factor in the transformation of your body. With the right amount of calories, macronutrients and quickly you will see the effects.

Hello, for about 0.5 years, I’m even longer on making mass, I eat about 3500 kcal, I have 177 kg 15 years and 65 kg. I have a question when to stop making mass and take care of the reduction and sculpt. Practice at home on the basis of training with my own weight and also 2 days a week I go to street workout. In addition, he trains a soccer ball. Mainly I care for well-sculpted abdominal muscles which, by massaging, were slightly flooded. I do not want to lose on biceps. Thank you in advance for your help. And if I had to leave this 3500 kcal, how much?

Start the reductions from the moment when you actually find that the level of body fat is too high and you start to feel bad about it. Calories decrease gradually eg every 2 weeks or a week, of course try not to go too low with calories, therefore perform frequent measurements of body weight and perimeters. If the weight starts falling too fast, add calories, if it does not move down, take it away.