Read and athletic – a cardio admirer

Probably everyone of you, even once in his life heard the opinion that people attending the gym are characterized by enormous muscle mass, but much worse is with their knowledge and intelligence. Well, it is obvious that such a statement is far away from the truth, and what’s more – I write this with full responsibility (based on many hours of observations) and with tongue in cheek (because the subject is humorous) – people who come to fitness clubs certainly do not know what to call can not! 

If you take a moment to look at the clients of a fitness club, you will notice that these “spinning aeroers” could be divided into two groups. The first – giving you 100% energy, not saving yourself, not afraid of tiredness or sweat, clearly motivated, having a clearly defined goal. The second group – these are people who, on the one hand, want to change something both in their life and appearance, however, or their physical activity they are boring and try to kill this boredom, or are reluctant to move in general and the fact that that they can do something while doing the exercises, it works as a good motivator. 

Theoretically, one could say that the situation in which a given person undertakes any physical activity is actually more beneficial than if he was to stay at home constantly. On the other hand, however, there is a problem when such a delinquent is disappointed with the lack of any results – after all, he goes to the gym and “trains for example 2 hours! 

Unfortunately, “slow motion on the elliptical cross trainer or one” turning the pedals on 10 read pages of the book is not enough to affect the shape of the body, or fat burning. It is worth realizing the passionate absorbers of reading (especially those for whom the movement is torment and the worst punishment), that postponing the book and accelerating “pedaling” not only would bring better results, because the body would be really forced to do, and would allow shorten the amount of time spent on hated cardio machines. 


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